Homemade Smoked Paprika & Salt Crisps Recipe!

I have a confession to make…..I love crisps!

I am addicted to crisps in all shapes and sizes, I can eat bags and bags of them at a time if given the chance!

I have been very good at cutting down though, it will be a nice treat if I have some now.

The main reason I stopped eating crisps was not for my physical health but my metal health.

I noticed after eating some crisps it greatly effected my mood making me snappy and aggravated, I think all “junk” food has this effect on me though it is still a mystery to me how such simple ingredients as oil, potatoes and salt could make me like that!

So when a craving starts and it’s late at night, we have no money or strictly on the hubby’s orders I can’t have any more I head to plan B!

  1. Plan A: Go to the shops and buy 1000 bags of crisps, eating them covertly on the way home
  2. Plan B: Make your own
  3. Plan C: Dig up the stash in the garden

These crisps are not only as delicious as some of the leading brands but they also don’t effect my mood negatively, so maybe there is something less innocent than just salt on those potatoes….

Just a note by the way, I was the kind of kid whose mother didn’t really care, so she fed me and my sisters crisps from a really early age
and to be honest, I really think that it’s part of the massive problem with kicking the crisp habit for me.
My mother and now sisters are the same, one being grossly overweight and crisp and chocolate-a-holic.

Not to start some conspiracy theory or anything but please don’t feed your kids these kinds of food on a regular basis or even worse, instead of meals, I don’t think it’s the calories they’ll regret!

Homemade Crisps

Homemade Smoked Paprika & Salt Crisps
Serves 1-2


Deep fat fryer with oil
4 medium sized potatoes, scrubbed
Smoked Paprika (Optional)


Preheat the deep fat fryer to 190oc.

Leaving the skin on the potatoes or not if you choose, cut each potato into the thinnest slices you can with a knife.

Next, lay out a clean cloth or kitchen towels and place all of the potato slices on it in a single layer.

Cover with more cloth or towel and press down, setting it aside for a couple of minutes until excess moisture is gone.

Now, place enough potato pieces in your frying basket so it’s not overcrowded and give it one last shake to remove extra moisture.

Deep fry the pieces in the heated oil until the crisps are golden brown, they will be cooked through as long as they weren’t cut too thick.

Place a piece of baking paper on to a cooling rack and add the crisps.

While they are hot, sprinkle over salt, smoked paprika, black pepper, even your own powder blend, whatever you wish!
I used salt on some and salt and smoked paprika on others for a barbecue/Chorizo taste.

Leave to cool until they are crisp and firm, enjoy!

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