A Look At Sainsbury’s “On The Go” Lunch Range!

For the first time ever, Pepper Bento is out on the go!

Sorry for the picture quality but I just had to show you all of these interesting, if not pretty useless, pieces of lunch madness at Sainsbury’s!

Raw carrots can be a nice snack and it’s a very popular one, stick a few mini carrots in a bento box maybe with a dip and something more substantial for the rest of your lunch, delicious.

…….or you could bring a giant carrot with carrots on the go.

Carrots On The Go

I’m not sure where you would store this to be honest, don’t keep it in a tight pocket or you may have some funny looks.

The top comes off and becomes a dip pot and the bottom of the “carrot” can be used to store mini or uber skinny supermodel carrots (top right), not many though.

Carrying on with the gruelling, punishing, diet theme where a few vegetables and a dip is lunch we have celery on the go!

Celery On The Go

Of course, you don’t have to eat celery alone if you buy this, you could bring the rest of your lunch along with you but for it’s size it seems like a bit of a waste, plus I’m not sure celery is that short…..

Still, I really like the funky celery leaf pattern going on!

So, you might feel comfortable toting a giant carrot, it may even be therapeutic but we’re not done yet.

On the left we have the Kiwi on the go, an extremely large egg shaped container.
This one sounds like it’s actually worth having if you are a kiwi maniac.

It comes with a mini spoon inside to get those pesky slippery kiwi insides and has a device that actually cuts the kiwi in half!
Sounds great on paper though I’m not sure how it really works.

Kiwi, Banana and Grapes On The Go

The not exactly new premise, the banana guard is next.
This, like the “sandwich box” is one that gets to me frankly.
Even though this banana guard is absolutely huge (the kind of banana a monkey dreams about all it’s life) it’s highly unlikely to actually fit most bananas in.

The truth is your banana just might not bend that way and unlike finding the perfect bread to fit your sandwich box, I’m afraid bananas are all different indeed.

Lastly but not least, Grapes on the go!

I grant that grapes do have the problem of getting squished quite easily, as with a lot of fruit.
Too bad nature didn’t give them cool plastic guards huh?

Still, the grapes to go container presents it’s own problems that go beyond grape squishibility.
It is absolutely huge and an extremely impractical shape.
I appreciate the gimmick of the grape shape (excuse my pun), I mean, unless grapes go extinct in the next few years no-one will be asking what this container is for but if you’re into lightweight space-saving lunch, it may not be for you.

So what do you think?
Would you buy any of these?
Have you seen a strange lunch gadget you’ve laughed at or are intrigued by?

2 thoughts on “A Look At Sainsbury’s “On The Go” Lunch Range!

  1. Although they look like fun to have one or two as a gimmick, I can hardly believe these would be very practical. Too large, to inflexible etc etc.
    I prefer proper bento boxes where you can combine this kind of food in one box. (Plus of course “cute” them up). Much better 🙂


    • You’re so right! I completely agree!
      We can only hope that people who buy these will see lunch as something nice to do themselves and maybe even make bento!


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