Face it, it’s Spring Bento Lunch Box!

Hey there!

It’s been a while since my last bento and since Spring is attempting to begin I thought I’d create a cheery little lunch for myself.

Face it, it's Spring Bento

In my cute like Samurai’s head I put some wedges of Grandma Singleton’s cheese with pickle and an added sprinkling of cheese with two slim slices of pork and egg gala pie.

It was my first time trying Grandma Singleton’s cheese and unfortunately both me and the hubby didn’t like it, it has a nice flavour but then the after taste is very acidic and sour, not pleasant!

Face it, it's Spring Bento A

In the other tier I simply cut bread and Brunswick ham into blossom shapes and added a ham rose which works a lot better with really thin ham (the stuff not worth eating!).

Tasty and surprisingly filling for the size!

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