Canimals Cat Lunch Bag Can Holder Review!

Good afternoon!

Today I present the cutest lunch bag imaginable, the Canimal!

Canimals Cat Lunch Bag Can Holder F

You can’t really deny, this is one adorable little bag!
It has 3D whiskers, ears, hands and feet even going so far as to detail the back with this adorable little tail made of material.

Canimals Cat Lunch Bag Can Holder B

It even has a little card holder on the very bottom, in case this bag doesn’t stand out enough, so your child can write their name under “This lunch bag belongs to:”.
I like these little touches which make it feel like someone designed this with a little effort.

The label shows it’s source material and it is pretty true to it.
It’s a shame there isn’t a bell on it to make it really accurate but with today’s health and safety, it probably wasn’t an option!

Canimals Cat Lunch Bag Can Holder L

Along with that label, there is another in the shape of an apple which gives lunch box ideas.

This is all very strange because that does give you the idea that it can hold a lunch box, right?

It is called a Canimal though, isn’t it?
Doesn’t that mean it stores cans?

Oddly enough, it never mentions it can hold a lunch box on any of it’s packaging, instead leading you to think that with it’s lunch box ideas tag.
It was described as a lunch bag on the “This lunch bag belongs to:” tag though so it has to hold lunch, right?

Well, this is Pepper Bento and I want a lunch holder!!

I tried a few variations to see just what would fit into my new friend.

Canimals Cat Lunch Bag Can Holder Japanese

My first attempt sort of worked.

I used a black circle bento box and a foldable drinks bottle.

If I folded the drinks bottle over it just about fitted but really?
We don’t all have folding bottles lying around.
Lets try something else.

Next up was my Bentgo which is a western style and sized bento box.

Canimals Cat Lunch Bag Can Holder Bentgo

It fits height wise but only fits in on it’s side so it’s useless, especially considering the Bentgo isn’t spill proof.

Good job this Canimals bag has a waterproof inside, huh?

So wait, we have a lunch bag that can’t carry lunch?  
This can’t be, it’s just too darn cute not to carry my lunch!

………..but wait!

In the unlikely event that you have can shaped lunch pots, all is saved!

Canimals Cat Lunch Bag Can Holder Nude Food Movers

These Nude Food Movers in a stack of two pots do a good job in the Canimal bag but really…..that’s just because they’re shaped like cans.

This might do a decent job of holding food like a sandwich in a bag, an apple, a banana and other foods with little to no packaging but even then I have reservations.

This bag is so tall that there will be extra room in the top of the bag that will make it very easy to make lunch into a smoothie especially if a child is carrying it.

To finish, this bag is gorgeous, with lovely detailing and charming cuteness but just doesn’t deliver as a lunch bag unless you have very specific shaped pots.

This bag was made for cans and it is great at that and though I can see how there would be less market for a can holder than a lunch bag it shouldn’t elude to being anything it isn’t.

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