GreenPaxx Slim Snack Containers Giveaway & Review!

Today I’m going to be reviewing these cool lunch box companions, Slim Snacks and you have a chance to win some in Pepper Bento’s Spring giveaway!

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Boxed Slim Snacks

Slim Snacks come in a pack of 4 and are much like the packaging on some ice lollies that pop up from cardboard cones.

The idea is, they can be stashed into small spots where nothing else would usually fit, small slots in a lunch bag or rucksack for example and carry a few edible goodies like nuts and seeds or just be used for ice lollies.

Slim Snacks L

These cones are plastic and come in four funky colours, orange with green, yellow with blue, yellow with orange and white with purple.

The plastic quality is really good on these and they can be put in the dishwasher, though they are really easily rinsed out in a few seconds.

Slim Snacks OP

The caps on these are very well done too, they are made of great quality plastic as well and are really chunky.
They actually create an air tight seal so there won’t be any spillages if you choose to put liquid in and unless you squeeze really hard, they won’t open by themselves.

Slim Snacks LD

I really like how the caps attach to the cones.
There’s a rubber ball that can easily push out through a hole in the cap so you can wash it separately or just not have it on if you wish but it won’t come off accidentally which is a great design idea especially if you have fiddling kids!

You can put just about anything you like in these, solids or liquids though sturdy foods will work best since you don’t want to squash anything as you push the slim snack up.

To give you an idea of how much the slim snack can hold, I tested granola and pumpkin seeds in them and they came to the same amount, 4 tablespoons.

They are a little hard to load up though especially if you want more than one at a time.
I would recommend standing them up in a tall glass before you start, which is what I did.

You can see by looking at the granola filled Slim Snack that oats can and will stick to it though it does wash off easily, just rinsing under a cold tap.

Slim Snacks Filled

Pouring the seeds and granola in using a tablespoon was a bit messy and had a few seeds and oats scattering everywhere but pouring from a small bag with a corner cut off was really easy and quick.

I also went ahead and tested salad dressing which is a suggested use for these.
Specifically, I tested how well it poured because you don’t want it all pouring out in one place or too much coming out ruining your salad.

Despite their large openings they pour really well and can be controlled nicely!
They stop pouring and dripping in no time so I would recommend them for this use, the clean up was again very quick and easy for this.

Slim Snacks Ice Lolly

Of course, I tested these for ice lollies too!

For liquid you can fit in 5 tablespoons.
For lollies 2 tablespoons of double concentrated squash and 3 tablespoons of water is a good ratio.

Within a few hours in the “superfreeze” section of my freezer they were ready.
When they were opened the cap pulled up some of the ice from the pop which results in ice lollies that aren’t the prettiest you’re going to see but I much prefer them to their cardboard counterparts which go soggy and can’t be sealed if you need to put your lolly down, an age old problem!

All in all, Slim Snacks are very well done and are exceptional quality.
They’re great for ice lollies, salad dressings and hard nibbles like nuts, dried fruit, seeds and granola.

If you like the idea of them, you can check them out on their Amazon store!

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  1. I love GreenPaxx products they are new, innotive and very funky. I like the idea of these very useful especially with having twin 5 yr old boys great way to give them healthy snacks x


  2. Love that they are reusable, would be great to split up packs of treats so that my son doesnt have too many. I’m in the UK


  3. They are the perfect containers for that little urge for cheeky snack, perfect for my little boy on a picnic!


  4. i love how versatile they are, they can be used for a variety of snacks both at home or on the move and they are perfectly portioned for children. I also followed on Pinterest x


  5. What a great idea! I love the fact that they won’t take up much room in my bag and they look fab too


  6. Love the idea of making healthy fruit juice lollies that would also help to keep the rest of a lunch box chilled!


  7. Love that there’s no risk of plastic toxins. I hate re-using plastic water bottles so could really do with a new alternative. Love the products.


  8. Wow these are great for slipping into an already busting changing bag, with healthy snacks for the children and I. Would love these! Liked on facebook too x


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