GreenPaxx Cool Caps & Cool Straws Giveaway & Review!

Thank you to all who entered last week’s competition for Slim Snacks, the giveaway has now come to an end and it’s time to pick a winner!

The winner is…..Robyn Logan Clarke!
They said: “Love that they are reusable, would be great to split up packs of treats so that my son doesnt have too many.

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Don’t worry if it’s not you though, there’s still a chance to win some more helpful kitchen gadgets this week with Pepper’s Birthday Bonanza!

Yes, it’s my birthday this week so instead of feeling blue about the years gone by (well maybe I will a little) it’s time for another giveaway!

This week you’re in for a great treat with double the prizes!

Courtesy of GreenPaxx, we’re giving away, to one lucky winner, a pack of Cool Caps & Cool Straws in either pink or blue!

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Now to let you in on what exactly Cool Caps and Cool Straws are!

Cool Caps & Straws

Cool Caps & Cool Straws come separately so as such I will review them separately first, then together as they work well in conjunction with each other.

Both products come in a choice of pink or blue, these being the blue sets of course.

Lets start with Cool Caps.

Cool Caps come in a set of two and are much like the lids you would find on top of cardboard cups in many fast food chains.

Cool Caps

Instead of being made of see through plastic these are made of flexible silicone that can be reused.

They have three rings on the inside which are each made to slot over cups, mugs and glasses in a variety of sizes so in theory they can fit on virtually anything you have in the house.

I tested 8 different containers including an assortment of cups, mugs and glasses and 5 fit so not quite universal but pretty good!

They fit an average sized mug, a pint glass, a tumbler and a traditional half pint glass.

Cool Caps Back

They also fit on top of the fast food chain cardboard cups so you can keep these in your pocket along with a Cool Straw (they fold down!) and order a cup without a lid or straw and save a bit of the environment and waste!

Of course, they may fit more but I went with the most traditional drink-ware just to give a good idea of their sizes.

One thing that is a little down side is that they do take a good few minutes to take on and off though instructions are supplied and you should get the hang of it.

Cool Caps & Straws Mug and Glass
Shown with Cool Straws attached.

Something that trumps your usually disposable plastic variety lid is that these are airtight so nothing is spilt, a bonus when you have children around and even for adults with electronics like phones, computers and laptops always at hand.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any plastic cups to try these caps on and depending on your child’s age you may not want them to use a glass.
A plastic cup certainly should work, just make sure it has straight sides.

The airtight factor also means that they keep fizzy drinks from going flat for much longer than in a normal glass, a great feature for people who don’t drink a lot but want to come back to a drink that isn’t flat and doesn’t have dust forming on the surface!

This also works to insulate so you can put it on your coffee, tea or even soup mug and it will stay hot for much longer.

Cool Caps Doesn't Fit & Does

You can tell if the airtight seal has worked or not by whether the cap is flat or domed.
If it is flat (shown left) it hasn’t worked and may not fit.
If it is domed (shown right) it’s ready and is air tight!

Another thing they are great for is for people with some disabilities that can affect the hands, my husband is affected by one himself hence my perception.
Granted they’ll need someone to put one on for them but it does help if they easily spill things, especially with a Cool Straw attached if lifting is a problem.

Just like disposable lids it also has a cross on the top and though it is a great size and only opens for a straw so nothing unwanted can get in, it feels like it could rip with too much stretching and use though this didn’t happen while reviewing.

Cool Straws Length

Cool Straws are a really great idea that eliminate the main problem with reusable straws.
The cleaning.

Believe me, I LOVE straws and have brought loads in my time, bendy ones, twisted ones, ones with characters on them but eventually they end up as a display item rather than for drinking because I never can tell if it is fully clean.

These straws are really thick so they can easily suck up just about anything like chunky smoothies and milkshakes without getting blocked.

What makes them so great for cleaning is that they come apart.

Cool Straws

They’re made of flexible silicone so you can look straight down the bent part to check it’s completely clean and the straight end is thick enough to clean easily and be able to see clearly inside.

They snap together and come apart really easily with arrows letting you know just where but they won’t come apart while you’re using them which is an excellent feature.

Of course they also fit perfectly with Cool Caps and the colour scheme matches very nicely.

Cool Caps & Straws Glasses

Check out their Amazon shop to pick some up for yourself.

35 thoughts on “GreenPaxx Cool Caps & Cool Straws Giveaway & Review!

  1. i love the fact that they wont spill like normal ones, brilliant for my young grandson


  2. I like that I could finally have dry carpets and floor as my children would not be able to spill every drink they have on the floor if they use these.


  3. great idea, would be perfect for my daughter, she is 2 1/2 years old and has learning difficulties so hasn’t mastered how to have a drink without spilling it, no more drink stains on her clothes…. perfect xx


  4. Never have to worry again about spills, a cap that fits any cup is a great idea


  5. I love the idea the cap fits any cup and I can take juice out for my kids and not worry about spillage x. Durham, england


  6. I think that they are brilliant! I hate throwing straws away, such a waste but with these I can re-use them many times!

    My daughter would love these as blue and green are her favourite colours 🙂


  7. I like their look, they are really cool and look fun. Have two boys and they like them too.


  8. They are not just good for messy kids! I am disabled and so these look as if they will help me not to spill my drinks when walking as I can be rather unsteady.


  9. As a 21 year old these would provide me with hours of entertainment which would otherwise be spent doing university work!!! They look really fun


  10. I love the fact that the caps can make any cup spill proof, very handy with young children


  11. As a mum of a messy toddler these products look great for giving her drinks when out and about.


  12. These would be great for my toddler boy, who loves drinking from straws. He could use a ‘grown up’ cup with the rest of the family without us having to worry about spills.


  13. I love the idea of taking my tea out with me without it getting cold or spilling all over me when getting in and out of the car 😉
    A cold morning lifesaver haha.


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