Pork Pie With Cream Cheese Salad & Fruit Bento Lunch Box!


For some reason it’s yet another bank holiday Monday here in the UK!

Bank holiday

Instead of just wishing you a good one, today I have a bento to share with you!

Pork Pie With Cream Cheese Salad and Fruit Bento Lunch

In today’s Bento box I made a raw onion and cucumber salad mixed with cream cheese for a really delicious side.

I cut some of the cucumber into chunks and some into very thin strips to add some different textures.

I paired it with a mini pork pie and then added dessert.

Pork Pie With Cream Cheese Salad and Fruit Bento Lunch C

I’m not sure if it should be called dessert because it went really well with the savoury side of the meal too!

I washed and prepared some white seedless grapes and mixed them with the sharp tang of cubed pieces of Granny Smith apple.

A lovely meal and surprisingly filling.

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3 thoughts on “Pork Pie With Cream Cheese Salad & Fruit Bento Lunch Box!

  1. What do the English usually eat with pork pie? I never know what to serve it with so I just cut a slice and eat it as a snack on its own.

    Our butcher here in New Zealand makes their own pork pie which I love. We eat it cold too but I always feel weird eating it without cooking it because it comes straight from the butcher. The pies are placed (wrapped) next to uncooked meats so it seems like it would be prime for contamination. But I haven’t gotten sick yet.


    • Hey there!

      Lucky you! It’s fantastic to have a butcher by you that sells these things!
      Good butchers are getting rarer and rarer here so it seems like a miracle that you’re getting handmade pork pies there!

      The pies should be safe to eat if stored near the raw meat as long as they’re wrapped and not right next to it, not ideal but should be perfectly safe :).
      My local butcher keeps the raw meats in the same fridge display as the cooked but has them separated slightly so there is a side for each.

      As for eating, in England we do the same and eat it as a snack, best eaten at around room temp.

      We also eat it in a “ploughman’s lunch”.
      Basically, you take a good hunk of English cheddar cheese, a big hunk of bread; buttered, some pork pie, some cold meat like chicken or ham (traditionally from a leftover roast), some pickle (specifically Branston’s), tomatoes, cucumber, some apple, maybe some grapes, maybe some boiled new potatoes etc..

      Basically, just a small amount of a few things you imagine someone would feed themselves on from what grows around on their farm.

      It’s simple and gorgeous, one of my favourite meals!


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