Mike Jeavons Week 2: Eating On A Budget For A Week!

Hi there!

Last week I shared something a little different with you all.

It was a set of shows which showed a week in the life of Mike Jeavons of thatguywiththeglasses fame.

In which, he ate food from Iceland every day for every meal.

Iceland here in the UK is one of those supposed bargain places where you can get frozen food of all kinds (desserts, snacks, pastries, ready meals etc..).

Of course, we can all see the allure of a package of 30 sausage rolls or a whole cheesecake for £1, especially for poorer people.
Personally, speaking as one of those poor people, I never thought it was that cheap, a bit of a false economy if you will.

In this set of videos Mike explores how and what he can eat for the same price as a week’s food shop in Iceland.

Enjoy, though I advise you do not watch if you are easily offended.

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