Asvel Vive Style Pink Bento Lunch Box Review!

Today I am reviewing a bento box I got in the mail from the Japan Centre!

This one is the Asvel “Vive Style” Box in pink!

Asvel Vive Style Pink Bento Box P

For the size of this box, quite small indeed, it is quite deep and can hold 430ml all in all.

Not a bad size for a Japanese style lunch if you have a smaller appetite!

Asvel Vive Style Pink Bento Box

This box has a few features packed in but all of them seem useful rather than just added for the sake of it, yahoo!

On the sides there are clipping mechanisms that keep the box securely closed so there is no need for an elastic strap, very convenient!

You may also notice a white “button” sort of thing to the right which I think is a device to help steam escape from the box, do correct me if I’m wrong!

This should also mean that it will be great for microwaving.
Maybe it’s the giant picture of a microwave on the packaging that led me to that conclusion, you never know.
Unfortunately I can’t read exactly how long it can go in for so if anyone else can, please set me straight!

Asvel Vive Style Pink Bento Box C

Last of the features on this box and for me the most important is…the separators!

Well, they’re not really separators.

There are three pots all in all, two medium and a large.
They can be moved so the smaller pots are on the right hand side of the bento box but apart from that there aren’t any combinations for them all together.

Asvel Vive Style Pink Bento Box CO

They can all be taken out of the main box though so you can have just one small pot, two small pots or just the large one depending on what you’re packing!

The pots as well as the whole box is really good quality with thick plastic featuring on every part, even the clips, making sure it won’t break.

All in all I recommend this box wholeheartedly.
It’s small but not too small, it’s really sturdy, microwavable and you don’t need an elastic belt!

The only thing I can think of that could make it better is if it had a place for and supplied some cutlery with it.

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