Mountain Dew: A Glorified Lemonade?

I have heard so much about Mountain Dew.

It is mainly popular in America but it has made it’s way on to the UK’s supermarket shelves.

This drink, wrapped up in a neon green bottle.

Mountain Dew

Wow..that looks cool!

It is immensely popular.
Even over in England I have even seen lip balm in “Mountain Dew flavour” so it must be gorgeous, unique, delicious… right?

Mountain Dew Lip-Balm

So there it was…on the bottom shelf of one of my local “cheap” shops, it’s neon packaging glaring out at me, I had to grab one, finally.

What would it taste like?

Watermelon? That would be amazing.

It does say Mountain Dew so it’s got to be refreshing and light!

Out of the shop, I opened it with glee.

It fizzed and bubbled.

I took a swig.

I gave a sip to my husband who had never tried it before either and he said aloud the exact words I had thought just a second ago.

“It’s just lemonade……”

Maybe there’s a hint of lime in there too I thought to myself and the taste you get when drinking Lucozade but yes.

It seems to be glorified lemonade.
Extremely sugary lemonade.

How could it have such a following?
How could it make millions?
Apparently it represents a 6.7% share of the overall carbonated soft drinks market in the U.S.

I watched a very enjoyable fictional film a few months back about a man who is in marketing, trying to have a million dollar idea.

His character explains about an idea for a drink he has come up with where he says that it is all about the packaging.
What it tastes like is an afterthought, no-one cares.
Your mind will make up what it is like before it even touches your lips.
It’s just the image.
People will buy it.

I think this is certainly true for Mountain Dew.

The packaging with it’s striking neon green is a very cool image and lets face it… would care if it was in a boring bottle/can.

You have to admit, even if you are a fan of Mountain Dew or similar drinks, no drink is good enough for you to get a tattoo of it…really?

There are loads out there though!
This is much more than just a humble drink.

Mountain Dew Tattoo

I have to say, I really don’t see what the hype about Mountain Dew is all for.
I was expecting something that I would at least want to try again but I am happy to go on my life again completely Dew free..

I have to say though, the bottle made some really cool bracelets!

So what do you think?
Would you drink Coca Cola if it wasn’t in it’s iconic shapes and stylings?
Would Fanta be as interesting without it’s strange shaped bottle and almost neon orange colour?

Would it all taste “meh” if we couldn’t see and feel what was in front of us and think accordingly?

All pictures copyright of their original owners!

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6 thoughts on “Mountain Dew: A Glorified Lemonade?

  1. I think that there might be a flavor difference depending on the country. The United States recently released a limited edition Mountain Dew Lemonade. It wouldn’t be possible if it already tasted like lemonade.


  2. Pepper, if you’re really interested in trying Canadian Mountain Dew, I can send you some! I’m sure it’s the same recipe as in the US – my son is very good at picking up small differences between foods as he’s so picky, and he guzzles the stuff down. Send me an email if you’re interested!


  3. I would like to agree and disagree. I was addicted to mountain dew. It was all I drank in college (university in the UK) but I have found that it doesn’t taste quiet right outside the US (I tried it in Wales and in Nigeria). I think the recipe is tweaked like with American coke and Mexican coke or Nigerian Fanta and UK Fanta, which they taste completely different to me (cane sugar versus corn syrup).
    But thinking about what you said I realize that it is very possibility that college me was susceptible to the hype and great campaign ads (Mountain dew has an ace sales team) So do me a favour, leave room in your heart to try it whenever you are in a US (From a fast-food joint, soda dispenser and not from a bottle because that was my usual source)
    I will do the same. I secretly hope you are wrong, cause I’ve been craving ‘the dew’ for almost a year now. It would hurt for my suffering to be in vain, at the same time I’m not too big to say thank you if you’re right. I’ll get back to you when I know.


    • Thank you for your comment! 😀

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a different recipe for each country depending on their specific tastes/level of health concern.
      The whole processed food industry seems to be extremely scientific!

      I would love to do that experiment, it would be really interesting to see the differences from country to country, it seems crazy that they would essentially be selling many different products under the same name.

      Haha, I certainly have room in my heart to try it from the US but I’m afraid I’ll never get there.
      I have a feeling the paper cup wouldn’t last well in transit either!

      Please do get back to me! I would love to know :D!!

      Of course, if you find out that it’s always been true love and you overdo it a bit, you can always try this….


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