Hakoya Maru Bento Lunch Box Review!

Today I will be reviewing my Maru Lunch Box!

I picked it up at the Japan Centre and have high hopes for it because it was made by Hakoya, the same guys that make the cute two tiered Samurai Bento boxes!

Maru Lunch Boxed

The box is minimalistic and probably adds a few points about how to use this box but since I can’t read Japanese, it’s all lost on me.

I think it does say that the compartments in this are 130ml and 250ml though so that gives you an idea of how absolutely tiny this is, much the same as the Samurai Boxes.

Maru Lunch Box

The box inside is gorgeous I have to say.
Of course, I love the Pepper Bento style colour and it really works against the off white of the bottom tier.
I don’t think the design alienates anyone either, really unisex!

Maru Lunch Box I

The top of this bento screws on and off and is very secure so there’s no need for a belt or strap.

Inside it reveals it has two pots, a surprise for me at least because so much is fitted into such a small space!

Maru Lunch Box II

The lids are really thick good quality plastic which isn’t always the case with bento boxes and the pots certainly follow suite, lovely quality!

This box even comes with an ice pack!
Little touches like that which aren’t needed for the box really show how much the company care about their products!

Maru Lunch Box III

Last but not least, the bottom compartment opens up.

I hope you can see the quality because this is a box that is going to last for many years with proper care!

So all in all, this box is great.
It’s unisex, great quality, stylish, comes with an ice pack and fits so much into a small space.
If you have a small appetite, I really recommend it!

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