Hello Kitty Watercolour Bento Lunch Box Review!

Hi there!

Today I would have loved to show you a delicious bento meal but unfortunately finances are stretched to their limit so, in turn, food is too!

Instead, I have decided to review this bento box I brought a while ago.

I have done plenty of Hello Kitty bento box reviews already I have to say but for some reason the Hello Kitty brand has really gotten into this lunch box lark!

Hello Kitty Watercolour Bento Lunch Box

I found this newest piece of my collection in my local Home bargains but I have also seen it being sold in Sainsbury’s for a very decent price.

What first drew me to it is the design.

I have to say, the last thing I think of when I think Hello Kitty is classy but somehow the sketch and watercolour style for this is really lovely!

It gains itself a few more class points too because the design is printed on to the box rather than just being a sticker as some Hello Kitty boxes are.

Hello Kitty Watercolour Bento Lunch Box Side

The box closes with a clasp fastening which is made out of thick plastic so shouldn’t break too easily though there are thin plastic parts that will be folded each time it’s used so longevity on this one is an issue.

On a plus side, the shape of this one is certainly an interesting one and I do like the idea of the wavy sides though it will probably be more difficult to pack!

Hello Kitty Watercolour Bento Lunch Box Open

Inside the box we don’t get anything special like dividers or ice packs, just a no frills box which is still great for a basic lunch any time!

It’s not too small or too big so I’d say it is perfect for both Western and Japanese style lunches.

From this picture though you can see the main flaw in this box’s design.

Thin plastic.

Hello Kitty Watercolour Bento Lunch Box Back

If we take a look around the back we can see that this is a pretty sorry excuse for a hinge.
It’s such a shame because the rest of the box quality is good and I’d expect it to last a couple of years if not for these thin plastic pieces which shortens it’s life to a month or two if you’re lucky.

This was a problem with another Hello Kitty Box I reviewed previously so the lesson hasn’t been learned quite yet though here’s hoping!

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