Cheese & Apple Roll With Fruit Salad Bento Lunch Box!

Hi there!

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re completely strapped for cash at the moment.

We did have a few things in the kitchen though so while it may not be the most inventive lunch on the planet it was a damn tasty one from almost nothing!

Plus, I think I got it looking quite pretty considering!
Cheese & Apple Roll Bento Lunch Box

The roll is a mix of cheddar cheese and tangy apple, a must try if you haven’t had one already!

Just add a touch of freshly ground salt and it is perfection!

The salad is simply more apple slices with some cherries for colour and sweetness!


To keep apple from going brown, buy some cheap bottled lemon juice and add a tablespoon or so to a jug.
Add in the apples and then fill to cover with water until ready to place in your bento!

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