Eww, There’s A Snail In My Bento Lunch Box!

It’s summer!!

Summer is fantastic for all those bees and butterflies isn’t it?

The flowers are all in full bloom leaving a beautiful feast for all these amazing insects.

There is one insect I can think of that might not be having a whale of a time right now though.

The snail!

Sure, leaves are in an abundant supply but my oh my the heat!
It must be so hard to stay moist, especially under a heavy shell!

So, in sympathy of the poor old snail I present my ode to snails everywhere.

Eww, There's A Snail In My Bento Box Lunch

I have wanted to do a bento like this for a while now but could never find a sausage that wasn’t full of tin (Ekk mechanically reclaimed!) or that looked right because it was a proper banger!

Now, thanks to my discovery of Mattesson’s smoked sausage which is precooked, tasty and actually has meat in it, anything is possible!
Except maybe….well…most things…like anything really…apart from sausage-y things, which is the point!!

All in all it didn’t come out exactly as I’d have liked, it’s by no means perfect but it is a cute novelty and I might try again in the future with other ingredients!

I placed my snail made from smoked sausage, a small roll and some ham cut into a swirl on some homemade coleslaw made from some finely shredded white cabbage, some red onion and some spring onion mixed with some good quality mayonnaise.

I would recommend trying the combination, it would be great with a BBQ and the colours make it look all the more appetising and summery!

So there he is, basking in the glory of some shade and a whole lotta leaves, I can assure myself I have at least made one snail in this world happy.

Even if it was fake…and even if I did eat it……
Okay, maybe I didn’t make a snail happy…..

Happy Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Eww, There’s A Snail In My Bento Lunch Box!

    • I’ve never tried a Kransky but I imagine it is similar but without the garlic :D.
      I’m sure a Kransky is much better quality though as these are only smoked “flavoured” ;).


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