Microwavable Noodle / Food Bowl Review!

It’s not unusual to see big brand names making interesting products, especially in the kitchen accessory industry.

Everyone seems to be looking to make something unique that is actually useful and not just very specific and very rubbish.

Just look down a kitchen accessory aisle and I’m sure you will see an array of pretty useless gadgets.

They can range from completely absurd like spoons that hold less so you can lose weight to the more useful but still way too specific gadgets like mango scoops…because a spoon just isn’t good enough folks!

Once in a while though there is a good invention and if it is made by a big brand you can expect a big price to go with it.

Unfortunately for the brands in question, if no specific part of the invention is patented, it is almost guaranteed that someone will take that idea and create their own, cheaper version!

Today I will be reviewing one such item.

I have seen this idea done before by a larger company (not to be mentioned) with the price tag of about £7.

This one, found at a local cheap shop as an own brand is just £1.50

Surely there must be setbacks at that price?

Microwavable Food Bowl

Basically, they are both large bowls, which can hold almost a litre.

The bigger brand calls this a “Microwave Noodle Bowl” while my smaller branded one simply calls it a “Microwavable Food Bowl”.

Each has a handle attached to the bowl for transportation and easy lifting, nothing too special about them yet is there?

The cool thing about them is that they have airtight locking lids which have a vent in the top so they can be microwaved, lid on and all.

Microwavable Food Bowl Vent

I’m not going to be biased here but all in all I can honestly say I actually prefer the aesthetics of this bowl over the big branded one, though I’m not going to go any further on comparisons as I don’t have the other to compare and I wouldn’t want to start some microwave pot war.

As I mentioned earlier, both have an airtight seal which is something a lot of cheaper versions of containers seem to neglect, so it’s not lacking in that department!

Microwavable Food Bowl Lid

Of course the cheaper one is also microwave safe, other wise it would be kind…. of…. pointless…………..but it is also dishwasher safe which I can vouch for!

The bowl you see before you has been washed in the dishwasher and is still in perfect nick!

Microwavable Food Bowl Inside

So really, I can’t see a difference that would make me want to pay the extra on the big brand.

True, the vent on the bigger brand looks like it might be better but it’s not worth the extra £5.50 to me.

So what do you think?

Do you find lesser branded products are worse quality, better or the same?

Do you always stick to your brand names to stay on the safe side?

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