The Hippy Dippy Bento Lunch Box!

Usually I am far far away from the kale crowd.

The people who seem to go through their lives joylessly eating whatever the newest fashionable “food” that has been discovered to have the smallest amount of calories or “health benefits” are all a bit nuts in my book.

Sure, if something is good for you, has low calories and tastes amazing, why not?
The chances of all three existing in one place though, are not great.
If it does happen, you can bet it will turn out that new “research” says it’s bad for you in some way or another anyway.
Damn you nature, damn you.

I just don’t believe anyone could enjoy eating a diet like that, so just stuff some butter down your throat and be done with it by George!

This way of eating for fashion is terrible for other countries too.
Just imagine a small country that is discovered for a “super fruit” they’ve been eating for years.
They then put most of their land and money into growing it, doing well for a few years then all of a sudden it’s not fashionable any more.

In fact, just the other day I heard that Quinoa, a highly fashionable “health food” as of late has become so popular with Westerners that the poor people that lived on this stuff in their country as their daily bread, can’t afford it any longer!

Just some food for thought…

Anyway, today I am “in” with the crowd with my hippy dippy bento!

The Hippy Dippy Bento Box Lunch

The weather in England is still very toasty so a few vegetables and a cold dip hit the spot when your appetite is reduced and some refreshing cooling is needed!

I placed in some tasty sour cream and chive dip along with some carrot sticks, celery sticks and raw potato slices.

Now there is some controversy about raw potato and whether or not it is safe to eat but I am here to tell you that it’s all fine as long as there is no skin, green bits or eyes.
Those parts are the poisonous nasties but the potato itself is a crispy refreshing treat when sliced thin and dipped in salt & sour cream and chive!

Just don’t eat too many as they are bound to give you wind!

Also, potatoes do go brown very quickly once cut so place them in a vinegar and water solution for a few minutes and they will stay beautiful for longer!

The Hippy Dippy Bento Box Lunch CU

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