Red Polka Dot Round Bento Lunch Box Set Review!

Good morning/afternoon everyone!

Today I have some really cool little boxes to show you, but………they are technically round so should they still be considered boxes or roundxes………..or……something?

Sigh, the English language confounds me once again.

Anyway, these roundxes…..erm…boxes aren’t officially made to be used for lunch, they’re stated as being food containers.

We’re still within the rules to create bento here I think!

I tested them for air tightness and to my surprise though they aren’t air tight, hardly anything got out of one of these with the “Vigorously shaking the box filled with water” test.

Besides, a lot of Japanese bento boxes aren’t air tight.
Instead they employ the humble elastic band and “Keep-upright-whatever-you-do” techniques.

Plus, these boxes are so darn cute they can’t be resisted!!!

Polka Dot Bento Lunch Boxes 1

You might be thinking I just said “they” are so darn cute, then proceeded to show you just one.
In fact, you are looking at them all right now…spooky isn’t it?

Well………..not really.

As much as I wanted to write my own bento ghost story and become a billionaire, instead I’m going to be honest.
Sigh, the things I do for you.

Each pot fits inside each over.

Polka Dot Bento Lunch Boxes 5

As cool as that is, it’s kind of an anti climax to the possibility of a paranormal lunch box isn’t it?


Anyway, these boxes were only £2 I think which is great for the amount you get as well as the easy storage ability.

Polka Dot Bento Lunch Boxes 2

The quality of the actually box isn’t too bad really, the plastic is quite thick on both the box itself and the lids.

When the packaging doesn’t mention if the boxes are microwave safe, assume they would be destroyed to stay on the safe side.
These are one such set of products, so no hot lunches for these guys.

Polka Dot Bento Lunch Boxes 3

The main thing for me though, since I don’t microwave my lunch boxes 90% of the time is the polka dot print.

Polka Dot Bento Lunch Boxes 4

Unfortunately it isn’t really applied with the utmost of quality so some bits, especially around the edges of the design don’t look great.

It’s also one of those prints that you feel like you could literally scratch off with your nails though I’m not going to try it, my poor boxes!

So, apart from the print which may leave me with plain white lids in a short while these are definitely going to be used in the future and for a couple of quid are a bargain!

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