White Flower Bento Lunch Box!

Hi there!

This week I have been feeling very under the weather.

Now I’m not the kind of person to admit to things like that, I’m more of an “Ignore-it-until-you-can’t-or-are-half-dead” kind of person.

Yes, I’m like that annoying person you know that is so stubborn no matter what.

Sigh, it’s true, popularity be damned!!!

Unfortunately it did get to the point where I had to finally admit defeat when I felt so weak with a fever I couldn’t get out of bed and walking anywhere in this tiny 1 bedroom flat felt like an epic journey across middle earth!

Thankfully, before all my energy was zapped away and I became a bed hermit (no change for me, then) I managed to make this bento!

White Flower Bento Lunch Box

A flower!

The flowers centre was made by scrambling some eggs with 2 extra yolks for the bright yellow colour and plain treatful deliciousness.

……I’m pretty sure you’re not going to see the phrase “plain treatful deliciousness” again…..um….ever…
Possibly because treatful isn’t a real word…..only in Pepper Bento language……so….um…….savour this moment?

That was then topped with some freshly ground black pepper to simulate other flowery things flowers have……..it’s technical…..I’m a scientist.

Next I put on pieces of tortilla wrap that I had cut out into petal shapes with scissors.

All in all it was very simple to do and would work really well if you have guests over for a dipping platter!

The egg and wrap combo also tasted sooo good together, especially with a dash of tomato ketchup sacrilege, so I think we have a success here!

For my stomach anyway!

White Flower Bento Lunch Box CU

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