“Swimmer” Dog Bento Lunch Box Review & Thoughts On Recycling

I’ve been thinking.
I can’t say I’m really into recycling.
Not in the conventional and popular sense anyway.

The idea of separating cardboards, plastics, tins and everything else as well as cleaning them and throwing any piece of packaging not recyclable in another bin is just too much of a demand for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the environment and if I thought recycling would help it out I would do it more often but it seems more like a money making scheme than anything else.

Still, I love to recycle and by recycle I mean reuse old things!

99% of my clothes are from charity shops or are second hand, something I was doing way before it became something of a fashion!

Of course there are limits, I wouldn’t buy second hand underwear or anything but I do find it sad that there are many people who love to recycle (their rubbish) but would never touch a second hand top.

This brings me to the real topic at hand as always on Pepper Bento, LUNCH!

Would you buy a second hand lunch box?

After all, the idea behind many lunch boxes are that they are eco friendly; so if you can reuse as much as possible it’s even better, right?

Plus whenever you buy something new for the kitchen the packaging always tells you to clean it before use so it’s not really much cleaner than something that has been used and cleaned…is it?

So I saw this bento box being sold, second hand of course, and just had to snap it up.

Dog Cake Swimmer Bento Box

The design is a cute little dog which, in true Japanese fashion, is slightly strange by being….erm….inside a cake?
Thankfully it seems he was just taking a nap while the icing was being put on and he is just……..swimming in the cake?

I’m not sure if the guys designing this knew what “Swimmer” meant in English since this is a Japanese box or if they really wanted to convey what this dog was doing…..or the dog is inside a cake made for someone named Swimmer..?
I think I’m over analysing this now.
It is too cute to question!

Dog Cake Swimmer Bento Box Chopsticks

Inside there is a pair of light blue chops sticks with “Swimmer” written on them, this time with strawberries on either side.

Dog Cake Swimmer Bento Box Tier 1

Under the first divider we have the first tier which is quite deep compared to the second tier which is about half the depth.

One tier would be great for rice and the other for sides!

Dog Cake Swimmer Bento Box Tier 2

All in all this box is really lovely and from the second hand side of things has been looked after very well.

There’s no good reason why this box shouldn’t have been reused and have a great new home!

So, what do you think of second hand kitchen equipment?

Would you use it or stay clear and why?

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