Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Pokéball Bento Lunch Box Review!

Last week I touched on the idea of reusing old bento boxes.
Today I thought I’d share something brand spanking new and a little personal to me.

It is the first bento box I ever brought. Ever.

We’re talking about way back when I didn’t even know what a bento box was.

Considering Pepper Bento has been going almost 3 years now, that’s quite a while ago!

The reason I brought it back then was because it……..it was just so darn cool and actually it is still one of the coolest bento boxes I have.

There is another reason I brought it; though I’m not sure you’ll be able to guess by looking at it.

Pokemon Pokeball Bento Box Bag


I love Pokémon!

I can’t say I’m a fan of any of the new Pokémon things as I think Nintendo have been clutching at straws for quiteeeeeee a while now when it comes to new characters and the like but I will unashamedly admit that a lot of my childhood was taken up with watching Pokémon, playing Pokémon on the Gameboy and trying to collect all 151 Pokémon cards as well as just about any other merchandise I could grab with my pocket money.

I always had fond memories of Pokémon, even when I had grown up, so when I found some of my old Pokémon cards from yesteryear I was filled with happiness….then….disappointment.

All the cards I remembered having weren’t there, I had moved so many times as a child they must have went astray, so I decided to buy the full sets I could never complete as a kid and so my Pokémon stash was revived!

I brought a few pieces of merchandise I couldn’t resist on the way and that’s where this bento box comes in!

Pokemon Pokeball Bento Box Set

It comes with a cute and simple draw string bag, complete with carry handle to carry around this awesome Pokéball!!

This set is actually Japanese so if you noticed the “Pocket Monsters” name and the different names for some of the Pokémon you get extra geek points!

Pokemon Pokeball Bento Box

The box itself is made of two parts, one transparent red plastic and the other half, solid white coloured.
Both sides have perfectly shaped cut outs so the coolest bento box strap to ever be created, not biased here at all, can stretch over to keep it all together.

Pokemon Pokeball Bento Box Strap

The strap actually has the Pokéball design on both of the circles rather than the “bottom” circle being just plain which is a lovely touch.
The circles themselves are really good quality too!
The strap colour is another nice touch as well, it didn’t need to be done at all but it’s nice to see a lot of thought and effort went into this rather than just putting a generic elastic band with the set.

Pokemon Pokeball Bento Box Tier 1

This box is insanely small, about 5 inches across, so the pot inside is suitably tiny.
Of course this box is for kids really so size isn’t an issue here.
You could fit a small side in there but nothing more.

Pokemon Pokeball Bento Box Tier 3

Under the pot there is a divider of sorts with a little hook that makes it really easy to lift up and out so you can get to the bottom tier which is essentially made to be a bowl that you put lots of tasty rice in!

Alternatively you could put your dinner in this bottom half and your dessert in the smaller pot, completely separate.
The smaller pot would also be perfect for a dip or sauce you want to add to your meal later.

It might seem like a waste, especially when I point out just how useful this little box is, but I have never used this box and don’t think I ever will.
Instead I think I will be keeping it as more of a display piece as it is way too precious to risk damaging!

On the practial side of things though, if you have a small appetite and are a Pokémon fanatic that doesn’t mind shouting about it, this box is great.

If it is still available to buy I would certainly recommend it, not just for it’s looks.

So, do you have a holy grail bento box you would never use?

Would you ever keep a bento box for display only?

Did you win any geek points for your Pokémon knowledge?

Let me know in the comments!

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