Vogue Design 3 Tier Tiffin Bento Lunch Box Review!

My local pound shop is pretty awesome.

It’s not the usual soulless chain you have undoubtedly seen around where there’s rarely much stocked that really is a bargain.

Y’know, the ones that are filled with people wearing a crazed look in their eyes and franticly piling their baskets up with everything that is £1 because……..£1!!

My local pound shop is awesome because it is a complete mess.

It’s pretty much the equivalent of going up to some ones attic where there are random things scattered all over the place, except without spiders………..that’s a very….very good thing.

I personally love that kind of thing, never knowing what interesting goodies might be uncovered under the salad tongs by the peach scented air fresheners and hair bands.

At home there are only so many forgotten boxes at the back of the cupboards before you have to get your kicks somewhere else.

I did say it was a pound shop right?
Well….it is……..kind of……….except not everything is £1….
So….errr…..lets just call it a kind-of-pound shop?

Anyway, as me and the hubby were excavating the ruins of this kind-of-pound shop we discovered a bento box!

Around it lie a few of the same box out of their packaging and in a few different stages of disarray, broken probably.

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box Price

Our hopes weren’t high but for £2, why not?

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box

The box is three tiers and is quite pretty actually.
Considering it’s cheapness, it’s kind of classy with the peach colouring and the pretty flowers.

I’m pretttty sure though that despite it overachieving in the pretty category, when it says “Vogue design”, it doesn’t mean THAT Vogue.

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box Handles

I have to say I love this folding handle design!
It took me a minute to find that you could even do this but it’s definitely something…. higher end models shall we say…could use to good effect.

Of course, this box wouldn’t be complete without some entertaining Engrish

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box Engrish

Don’t get me wrong, I love how friendly this box is and hell yeah am I going to have a good time but I am a little confused at “How nicety looks delicious”.
Hey, I’m sure it was trying to convey an upbeat message so you go box, don’t let your tenuous grip on the English language bring you down!

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box Open

All three tiers clip together which looked like a task and a half to make work considering the wreckage of these boxes in the shop but actually, it was fine and very simply done!

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box Cutlery

Under the lid, there is a cute little fork and spoon, not great quality of course, just like the rest of the box but I do like the touch of the tiny love heart shaped holes in them.

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box A

Under the divider there is a large bowl with an identical one under that.
Unfortunately there aren’t any other dividers in this box which might have helped them to stay together.
Actually this box is really big and could hold quite a lot of food before it disintegrates.

Really, it’s more of a tiffin of sorts than a bento box, strictly speaking of course.

Vogue Design 3 Tier Bento Box B

The very bottom bowl is curved and quite deep compared to the more shallow bowls above so there is a good chance that rice would be going in there, I wouldn’t dare try soup…..it would get messy.

To be honest I’m not sure I would try hot water of any kind with this one.
I imagine a Wizard of Oz-esque witch scene would ensue.

So, what can I say?
I thought this box would be a complete load of old tack but actually it surprised me and isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.
I’m not sure if it could actually handle food inside it for more than a day, or even if it could tolerate being washed but it is very pretty and actually, it would make a very nice jewellery box.

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2 thoughts on “Vogue Design 3 Tier Tiffin Bento Lunch Box Review!

    • Indeed! If only it was better quality, it might have been used regularly! 🙂
      I pretty much thought it would fall apart as soon as it was out of the packaging, phew!


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