Sir Jungle Monkey’s Dapper Bento Lunch Box!

Today I got up to a little monkey business in the kitchen.

Recently I came across an interesting set of cookie cutters.

They are a special type that I hadn’t seen before until recently when they just seemed to pop up out of nowhere.

It’s a really cool invention where you have a usual looking cookie cutter that has a separate piece inside with a pattern on that can be pushed down to make your biscuits more detailed.

The set I brought was jungle themed and had a palm tree complete with leaf and trunk detail, an elephant with a face and a massive amount of flowery pattern all over, possibly a tattoo fanatic, you never know, and a cute monkey.

I decided to create a bento with my monkey mould and thought toasting some bread would be great to bring out a colour similar to a real monkey.

Dapper Jungle Monkey Bento Lunch Box

Of course, I had to make him a handsome little sir monkey and added a bow tie made from a spring onion top.

For the background I went with a jungle theme, no zoo for this happy chappie!

I made a salad of vine ripened tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, smoked ham and for a kick, a mixture of salad leaves and herbs including a little rocket, lollo rosso, coriander and parsley.

All in all it was a delicious meal though unfortunately, Sir monkey…..had…an accident and is no longer with us.

That poor delicious soul….

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