Starstruck Ham & Cheese Bento Lunch Box!

Hi there!

For this bento I was racking my brain on what to make.

Running low on food I had to figure out just what to do with a roll, some cheese and ham.

After a while of thinking with no new ideas I decided to go to my cookie cutters for inspiration!

Now I must confess I have a bit of a collection when it comes to cookie cutters, they’ll always come in handy, they’re small, most don’t cost much and they are great for bento.
So whenever I see a new shape of cookie cutter in a shop, I always consider picking it up!

When I rummaged through one of my tins of cutters I found a set of four star shapes and found another star cutter the perfect size to accompany them!

I thought it might be really cool to try a bit of a 3D sort of effect and I think it came out quite pretty.

Starstruck Ham & Cheese Bento Lunch Box

The largest star was used to cut the roll then I used the smaller ones to cut out both cheese and ham to make a pretty design.

I cut out some extra cheese stars to go on a bed of more ham shredded up with the leftover bread.

Starstruck Ham & Cheese Bento Lunch Box 2

It was really tasty and eye catching for a humble sandwich!

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