Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Review!

Hi there!

Today I want to show you these bento boxes I happened upon in my local TK Maxx.

To be honest the TK Maxx by me has really gone downhill.
Though there are two floors there really is hardly anything actually in there especially compared to when it first opened and seemed to be bursting at the seams with cool stuff.

Still, even though the section has been reduced the cookware part of the shop is still a treasure trove.
If you remember what I said on my review for that cute tiffin box I found I love to go rummaging and TK Maxx is the perfect sort of place for it because it is set out like a jumble sale.

Unfortunately that means if you are going in to buy a specific thing you are out of luck.
I was looking for a rolling pin as my last one finally died but there was only one, which wasn’t suitable anyway, in the whole shop, BUT if you’re just looking for anything that catches your eye you will probably walk out with more than you bargained for.

Of course there were some bento boxes…just…..needing….homes sitting on the side so guess who walked out with more than they bargained for?

TK Maxx sell a lot of European branded cookware so it was a great chance to see (and of course nab!) some boxes I’d never seen before.

These I just couldn’t say no to and yes, maybe I didn’t need ALL three but I definitely needed two and I’ll show you why in a moment!

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja 1

These boxes are by Emja and are from the Varibolo range.
Their designs are really cute and I quite love the way that they are all pretty unisex.

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Pirates

Apart from the pirate….maybe….
I’m really interested in the fact that “Pirates” is actually in English…maybe it’s flukishly the same in the country these came from?
Nah, probably not.

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Farm Animals

Dancing farm animals!
The design I have been waiting for!
Get down on those funky hooves! Yeah!
I like how this design combines the promotion of both exercise and healthy eating with the sheep and rabbit both having the munchies for apple and carrot.

Last but not least BUGS!!!

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Bugs

I am sad to report that I am just like most people when it comes to bugs, most of them I am just afraid of, darn it!
Though I do admire them, I do it from farrr farrr away.

Anyway, somehow they made these bugs quite cute.
The attention to scale was really something that wasn’t thought about here though, I buy the tiny footballs, tiny kites, nets and rubber ducks I mean, ants and ladybirds need them as much as us in their society but the butterflies, rocks and the leaves?
I don’t think so.

Also, if you think about it, the fact that the ant has a net, a butterfly catcher judging by the butterflies floating around, don’t you think this might be showing some kind of apocalyptic future where the battle between ants and miniature butterflies is in full throttle?
This is a dark design.

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Closure

The boxes fit together really securely with a flap on both the see through picture half of the box and the solid coloured plastic half which really comes into it’s own with what makes these boxes that little bit special.

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Layout

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Swap


All the tops and bottoms are interchangeable so you can have two solid coloured halves together or two see through halves together, any combination is possible.

The solid coloured halves when combined come to a box a bit bigger than the see through compartments which makes it really ideal if you have an older child and a younger child or even having one for the child and one for a parent.

All in all these boxes are a great size for a nice lunch and with the cute little gimmick it’s definitely worth picking up a couple.

I only wonder why they don’t sell a two pack?

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