Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Bento Boxes Review!

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Portability is always key with any lunch box.

On the one hand it has to be conveniently sized so it can be carried around to work or school but on the other hand it needs to be big enough to fit in enough to feed you.

Now I admit I am very easy to feed, I am one of those people whose eating habit is small snacks and meals regularly, so there aren’t many bento boxes I think are way too small for a lunch for me and there are some pretty darn tiny boxes!

There are many other habits of eating of course, like my father for instance who never eats breakfast or lunch and just has a massive dinner or my mother who survives on chocolate alone!

Wait….I wondered why I had eating problems..?!

Regardless of how healthy some of these habits can be, if your eating habit is having a big lunch or you just have a large appetite these boxes may be for you!

Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Boxes

Silicon is becoming an extremely popular material to make kitchenware out of with oven gloves, cake pans, jelly moulds, and even utensils coated with it.

It was a first though, to see these bento boxes made of mostly, just that!

These boxes may look small but thanks to an interesting design in the form of a silicon body, these babies can expand to more than half their original size.

Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Boxes Expanded

They work by having a foldable, concertina like body that just needs to be pushed out and is ready to go.

As I was mentioning earlier, these are great for those with large appetites because they go from a relatively small size to 800ml for the square box and a whopping 1 litre for the rectangle shaped box.

Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Boxes Rectangle Expand 1 Litre

Instead of carrying around something hefty enough to fit a whole litre of food in, these fold back after a meal to the kind of size you might expect a sandwich box to be.

Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Boxes Rectangle 1 Litre

The outer edge of these boxes is a grey rim which fits into a seal in the sturdy plastic lid keeping things air tight along with 4 good quality clips, one for each side.

It’s not unusual to have to wash the lid to a bento box separately to it’s dishwasher friendly body but unfortunately with this the whole thing needs to be hand washed so if you usually use a dishwasher I’m afraid it’s not going to be as convenient.

Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Boxes Square 800ml

Bizarrely this box can be microwaved, a good thing of course, for up to two minutes without the lid but it’s not recommended to be used in the freezer or be used to carry hot foods/liquids.

I can understand this is pretty much the last thing anyone would want to put hot soup in, as sturdy as it is, you’re essentially putting boiling food in a jelly like tub which can’t end well.

I guess it would be great if you microwave your food when you are about to eat it but if you make things in advance and freeze them for microwaving later inside your box this isn’t the box for you.

Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Boxes Square Expanded 800ml

All in all these boxes have a few pluses and a few cons too.

On the plus side they are air tight, shrink to over half their original size for transport and can be microwaved.

On the minus side these aren’t recommended to carry hot food or liquid in and have to be hand washed.

Depending on your needs, the minus points might not be so bad, if you always take a large cold lunch and hand wash everything any way you could be all set with this!

Still, with the winter months rolling in these boxes might be best for summer outings.


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