English Breakfast Noodles Bento Lunch Box!

In my pantry I have a ridiculous amount of instant noodles.

Now it’s not because I’m too lazy to cook, which sometimes I am, but for emergencies.
Stick some boiling water on ’em, add the sachet of “chicken” or “beef” and they’re done.

They also make an incredibly cheap meal, well, they did but there has been a staggering price increase as of late going from a meagre 7p a pack to 25p, more than 3 times the price.

Still, one pack is enough to feed someone comfortably and compared to other foods it is still an okay price for the convenience.

I don’t use the flavour sachets but instead just put the noodles in boiling water until soft then use them in my recipe of choice.

Another mini revelation in the kitchen for me has been a very interesting product made in Poland.
Precooked bacon.
Now I’m aware of how disgusting that sounds but it isn’t what you might think.
It is a smoked and cured piece of belly pork which has been cooked, kind of like those sausages that are precooked and can be used straight away on a sandwich, in recipes or simply fried up.

The main upsides to this bacon is that:

●It is easier to slice because it’s cooked
●It’s thickness means you can have lardons, thin slices of bacon or thick, depending on how you cut it.
●You don’t have to worry about undercooking it
● It cooks faster

●You don’t need to disinfect chopping boards,knives, surfaces etc…when chopping

All in all it is amazing and though I was wary of it at first it turned out tasting great and being very handy!

So in honour of these two convenient staples, today I have this bento.

I played with the idea of a fry up with bacon and egg but also the stir fry aspect with the noodles and a touch of soy sauce as well as some peas.

English Breakfast Noodles Bento Lunch Box CU

The result is a delicious meal that is a mix of creamy eggy noodles, crispy salty bacon and refreshing peas with a splash of soy sauce to season.

So simple and quick but so tasty!
So tasty in fact that just looking at today’s pictures made the hubby crave some and I was back in the kitchen for another batch!

English Breakfast Noodles Bento Lunch Box

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