Make Your Own Portable Cereal Bowl!

Hi there!

Today I have more of a concept than a bento to show you as I’ve been experimenting with balls.

The balls in particular I have used today are Jumbo Coco pops, basically Nesquik cereal if you remember that one.

For this you can use any dry cereal whether it be these rather unhealthy facsimiles of food, shredded wheat, delicious oats, whatever tickles your fancy.

The scenario goes thus.

Your running late to get out of the house in the morning, you’re hungry but don’t want to stuff the nearest chocolate bar down your throat and don’t have the time to make some toast, you don’t want to end up paying a fortune for a pre-packaged cereal bowl but argh the time.

You whip out one bento bowl, pour in your cereal of choice, get a lidded pot and add in all the milk you’ll need, place it in the middle and voilà, cereal on the go.

Portable Cereal Bowl
You can lay a spoon on to the dry cereal and could add another pot if you have the time if you’re partial to a spot of honey or golden syrup on your oats.

Now, when the time comes to eat, you just pop off the lid and pour in the milk.

Portable Cereal Bowl Milk

No longer can you look like a sane person by not eating cereal on the bus, in your car, on the tram, on a train or in a plane.

People will marvel at your porta-cereal and gasp with unbridled jealousy!

Alternatively you could eat at your work or school desk.

Disclaimer: May not be as fun as eating cereal on a plane.

Portable Cereal Bowl Milk action!

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