Filled Onigiri With Three Ways of Tuna Bento Lunch Box!

Hi there everyone!

Today I thought I’d go back to a bit of bento roots, along with the roots of this blog in fact.

When I started Pepper Bento those many faithful years ago many of my bento had rice playing a star part as in most Japanese style boxes.

Over the years though rice hasn’t been much a part of my lunches and by golly I like rice so…to the rice!

Of course, rice is great just as it is but I am rather partial to a delicious onigiri myself.

Filled Onigiri With Three Ways of Tuna Bento Lunch Box S

For these onigiri I added some omeboshi furikake to half of the rice and left the other half plain.

I added a filling of tuna, salad cream, spicy peppercorns, salt and pickled onions cut into small pieces.
I have to say it beats tuna, mayo and sweetcorn any day; though don’t pack it for lunch if you’re expecting a smooch.

In my bottom box I decided to play on the Japanese idea of contrasting flavours throughout a meal with my three ways with fish, namely tuna.

On the left I simply added some beetroot pickle to the tuna.
Pickled beetroot is a staple jar in most English households so when I saw a jar of all new beetroot pickle it was a natural step I just had to try.
If you’re confused now you certainly don’t come from England but yes,
pickled beetroot

Pickled Beetroot
beetroot pickle

Beetroot Pickle
are not the same.

Still, it is delicious and I certainly recommend, it also adds a lovely red colour to food as with this tuna.

Filled Onigiri With Three Ways of Tuna Bento Lunch Box

For the second way we have more of the filling used for the onigiri, it is addictive, really.

For my last way with tuna I grated up some ginger, added some mirin, lemon juice and soy sauce and created this tangy and refreshing tuna that is bound to cleanse your palate between mouthfuls and blow your head off with zingyness.

All in all for such simple ingredients it was very tasty indeed.
Even if you do have just one dull tin of tuna in your cupboard, with a little inspiration and a few extras you can create a miniature feast for your taste buds!

Filled Onigiri With Three Ways of Tuna Bento Lunch Box

Bento used:

Black+Blum Bento Box & Waon Bento Box

Pickle jar pictures belong to people who aren’t me, copyright etc etc.

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