Winter Warming Bento Lunch Box: Jacket Potato With Smoked Mackerel & Cream Cheese

Hi there everyone!

I’m sure just about everyone you know is in Christmas panic mode, probably including your good self but frankly you’re all complete loons.

Lots of people are hard at work this season to get all those extra gifts out to your family, whether that be by packing and dispatching your presents from across the country or by dealing with the hundreds of terribly troublesome customers that visit the shops they have the misfortune to work in.
There are also all those people hard at work making sure your house doesn’t burn down over a cremated Christmas turkey.

Whatever line you work in, when it’s cold, damp and looking a little bleak outside, your spirits are pretty low.
So to warm you up and send a little cheer into your cold bones a warm meal is in order.

Now I don’t know about you but when the cold hits, a jacket potato is an absolute delight, the best part is it needs hardly any work then you can tuck yourself back in the warm for an hour or so until it’s ready, check out my recipe here.

So, we have a hot potato for on the go, what about the filling?

Well, there are the usual suspects, tuna and sweetcorn, cheese, just butter, even chicken curry with cheese is a usual topping in these parts but today I’m opting for something a little different.

Jacket Potato With  Smoked Mackrel & Cream Cheese Filling S
Smoked Mackerel and cream cheese.

Now I have put some butter on to start because every jacket spud is crying out for it then I peeled the skin off the fish and discarded it.

Then it’s time to get flaking that fish and mix it in with the cream cheese, it might sound like a weird combo but it’s delicious!

Jacket Potato With  Smoked Mackrel & Cream Cheese Filling C

I’ve put the mackerel and cheese in a separate container so the spud can go straight into the microwave and you can keep the mix to one side while it’s reheated to perfection, 1 to 2 minutes, depending on your microwave heat and the size of your potato.

Jacket Potato With  Smoked Mackrel & Cream Cheese Filling T

Then you can start heaping on massive amounts of deliciousness!

In fact it would be a really good topping to put on crackers for that Christmas party or get together.
You could even cook baby potatoes similarly to a jacket potato and have (sort of) mini jacket potatoes!


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