Pepper Bento’s Top 10 Bento Boxes Of 2014!

Sigh, the year is almost over, and it is time now to put your rose tinted glasses on as we look at Pepper Bento’s top 10 bento boxes of 2014.

These boxes, pots, mugs and bowls are my selection of the best from everything I have reviewed this year, there are some surprising winners!

Number 10 ~Pound Shop 2 Tier Lunch Box~

Keep Fresh 2 Tier Clip-Lock Lunch Box Blue & Red

Yes it is from the pound shop! This deserves to be on this list not just because of the sure surprise that it doesn’t disintegrate in your hands but because it’s really quite good, especially for the money.

The build quality isn’t bad and it even comes with a handle so for £1, the 2 tier clip-lock lunch box is a winner.


Number 9 ~Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch Boxes~

Good 2 Go Expandable Lunch, Snack & Food Boxes Square Expanded 800ml

At number 9 we have the “good 2 go” lunch boxes which can expand to over double their original size. While the idea is interesting and very handy the fact that you have to hand wash these and that hot food isn’t recommended for them means that unfortunately, they don’t rate higher.


Number 8 ~Home Bargains Microwave Noodle Bowl~

Microwavable Food Bowl

At number 8 we have another win for the cheap shops with this microwavable noodle bowl from Home Bargains. Based off of designs from a more well known company the only way they could have gone wrong is if the quality was bad, thankfully it isn’t and at £1.50 it’s pretty remarkable. The only reason it didn’t make higher on this list is because it is quite big so portability could be an issue.

Number 7 ~Hakoya Maru Lunch Box~

Maru Lunch Box

For style and beauty the Maru lunch box from Hakoya gets top marks. As a lunch box it is well thought out, has two compartments, an ice pack and the lid screws on securely. However, it’s compartments are only 250 and 130ml which will leave many peoples stomachs growling after lunch.

Number 6 ~Home Bargains Microwave Soup Mug~

Microwave Soup Mug Take Out

Number 6 is another offering from Home bargains, their Take-out soup mugs. These rate higher than the noodle bowls for their added portability and the fact that they can be used in more instances. They hold 710ml, can be microwaved, frozen and are great quality, for 79p you’d be a bit of a mug not to buy one.

Number 5 ~Emja Variabolo Lunch Boxes~

Variabolo Bento Lunch Boxes By Emja Swap

On first glance these boxes are just your average bento box, the designs are cute and colourful if not extremely weird and they’re made to be very good quality. My favourite part though? The tops and bottoms are interchangeable, 2 tops together, 2 bottoms together, you can have them however you like which I haven’t seen on any other box. They take the spot at number 5 .

Number 4 ~Asvel Vive Style Lunch Box~

Asvel Vive Style Pink Bento Box CO

At number 4 it’s the Asvel Vive style lunch box. Even though it’s pink it still gets on this list for it’s great build quality and versatile layout. It has 3 pots, two medium and one large, which can all be taken out and put in any way you like, it’s microwavable, and it has clips to keep it all together. It does only hold 430ml though so if you’re a very hungry beaver it might not be for you.

Number 3 ~Bentgo Stackable Lunch Box~

Bentgo Grey Belt

At number 3 we have the Bentgo. It’s a really cool splicing of Japanese and Western bento boxes. It comes with a knife fork and spoon, an elastic band, and two tiers, one large and one small. If you like the idea of the Japanese style bento boxes but are never full by their portions, the 770 & 370ml tiers on this will be great for you. It stays at number 3 though because the cutlery in my experience, will not stay clipped in.

Number 2 Black+Blum Bento Box

Black+BlumBento Box

For number 2 it’s the Black+Blum Bento box! This just nicked in as I reviewed it early in January this year. This box is very good quality with thick solid walls you feel could survive dropping down the stairs. It comes with a fork which also doubles as a knife though that isn’t great. It has a removable divider, a sauce pot and it clips together so no bento belts needed. It’s guilty of doing a bit too much and it doesn’t succeed with all of them but it is a great, quality box. The price tag is a bit of a sting though at £14.95.

So, now that I’m all misty eyed over the passing year, sigh, the bento, the boxes, the fun, I will announce this years number 1 bento box.

Number 1 ~Smash Nude Food Movers Rubbish Free Lunch Boxes~

Nude Food Movers Mini Rubbish Free Lunchbox Acces

At number one the Nude Food Movers rubbish free lunch boxes take their pedestal. Though these are a chunky size, everything you can think of seems to have been already thought up by the smarties at Smash. They have two removable air tight pots which are a great size, a sandwich section big enough to hold a sandwich, complete with a stand so you can fit in two tiers. The larger version has another two compartments, big enough to fit in whole apples and comes with a removable divider. It can be microwaved and dish washed so if you want a sandwich for lunch, this is the carriage to take it in.

Thank you for reading this far and thank you for being involved with Pepper Bento the year whether it’s by following, via Facebook, Twitter or just by visiting this page while browsing the net.

If you like my work, please do share it around, I’m only one woman and work very hard! The more well known Pepper Bento gets, the better it can become!

Have a happy new year!

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