B&M 3 Compartment Food Container Bento Lunch Box Review!

Why hello there and top of the mornin’ to ya!

Today, as you may have guessed, is bento day!

Over the weekend I spied a very interesting looking box for an extremely cheap price.
The best part being, it wasn’t in the sale so if you like the look of it you can grab one yourself for just one of your Earthly pounds, well, as long as you have a B&M nearby.

B&M 3 Compartment Food Container Bento Lunch Box

Sure it says sale in the corner but to us more savvy in the way of price busting, we know that anything that has a “sale” price printed on isn’t likely to go up or down in price.

To be honest, the sticker says it all and does a great job of selling it to you right there and then in just two sentences.

“Perfect for picnics and packed lunches”
“Store, freeze, microwave, reheat and serve all in one container”

What more can you ask for? I’ll have me some of that thank you very much!

On top of it being microwave and freezer safe it’s also dishwasher safe which is something a lot of more cheap items say they can’t do, probably because they don’t want to dissolve.

Unfortunately the lid doesn’t feel as good a quality or as sturdy as the rest of the box, seeming to be made of a different kind of plastic or just worse quality of the same plastic.
The green outer edge is made of what appears to be silicon and has this absolutely bizarre and kind of creepy to touch texture to it.
I can only imagine it’s remnants of some mad scientists experiments to create fake lizards and use them to take over the world.

B&M 3 Compartment Food Container Bento Lunch Box CU
There’s a reason that scientist wasn’t all too successful though as it blemishes really easily, either that or I got the worst one in the shop, a piece of the creepy scale effect has come off in the bottom right corner on mine.
It’s quite a shame that all evidence so far points to the fact that you’ll have a nice container with no lid in a few weeks since it will most probably break long before its better half.

B&M 3 Compartment Food Container Bento Lunch Box L

Inside there are 3 compartments, quite spacious and deep so you wouldn’t have too many problems fitting in everything you want for lunch apart from things like whole apples that are way too deep for this.

Thinking about it, these would be brilliant to put lets say, curry and rice leftovers, in the freezer and voilà, your own instant meal.
You could put a main meal in the large area, say cottage pie, then vegetables as a side in the other areas.
I might just get some more!

This box gets extra points for exactly replicating a face too.
Right in the middle, that little nub, definitely a nose and that sticker, could it really have been intended as anything else but a mouth?
It even has ears!
Your argument is invalid!

All in all for a pound you really can’t complain.

It’s quite sturdy though I wish the lid was more sturdy, it can freeze, microwave and get dishwashed, it has three nice compartments and it’s a decent size.
Even at £3 I think I’d say it’s quite good if not on the cheap side.

The only thing apart from the lid that I would say is that it will probably stain if tomato based foods go in it, I don’t know why but it happens to a lot of plastics, especially the cheaper ones!

So, if you have £1 and a local B&M I would say pick one or two of these up, they’d come in handy for leftovers, they’d come in handy for lunches and if you have either of those, they might just come in handy for you.

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