Peppers Frothy Coffee Milkshake Recipe!

Top of the morning old chum!

Are you a coffee nut?

I’ve never been too keen on coffee myself but it’s one of those strange subjects where you either love it or hate it.
As with many love/hate debates, the coffee debate is one that seems to be exclusive to just two extremes.
The first being “Coffee is the worst substance on the face of the planet!!” and the second being “I can’t live without coffee, I need it. I need it on toast, I need my bacon to taste like it, COFEEE!!!!!!”

As of late it seems that many more people are jumping on the pro coffee bandwagon, I am guessing this is more of a fashion thing than anything else especially with England seemingly wanting to become America.
What is wrong with good old English tea I ask, or good old England for that matter?

Today I want to share a recipe I created while testing out my brand new blender with all the fancy knobs and dials that fill home cooks with either glee or terror while awake at night, depending on their electronics savvy.

It’s my Frothy Coffee Milkshake.

A blender isn’t essential for this but it might create something quite different texture wise so if you can use one, do.
A hand blender might create a similar frothiness if you have one too but the froth is essential as it’s extra light fabulous texture is the main event.

The second most important part is of course, the coffee.
Now this recipe was made with me and my husbands tastes in mind and neither of us absolutely hate coffee but we don’t adore it with a passion either so it’s a subtle taste of coffee rather than a very strong and bitter one.
If you like it stronger and more bitter, use less milk and sugar!

You can serve this in a tall glass or as I have, as small shots like an espresso, whatever you do though, drink it quickly as the longer you leave it, the less frothy volume it will have!

Oh yes, and for the health concious, I only used 1% fat milk for my milkshakes and they came out thick and delicious, you can use whole or semi skimmed as is your want!

Peppers Frothy Coffee Milkshake

Peppers Frothy Coffee Milkshake
Serves 2

500ml cold British Cows Milk
1/2 cup boiling water
1 tablespoon instant coffee granules
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Mix the instant coffee granules with the boiling water until dissolved.
Leave to cool completely.
Place the milk in a blender, add the cooled coffee, the sugar and vanilla and blend for 60 seconds, until frothy and increased in volume.
Pour into tall, or shot, glasses and serve right away!

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