Japanese Curry & Rice Bento Bowl Lunch Box!

A cold!!!

Do you have one right now?

As soon as the chilly winter hits it seems just about everyone comes down with a case of the sniffles.

No matter what you do, germs are abound and sooner or later you’re stuffy nosed and sneezy.

At times like these something warm and spicy is in order and what better way to say “sayonara!” to the snots than a good curry!

Last week I started the curry theme with a delicious recipe courtesy of Gordon Ramsay and today, I’m going to show you my super filling and warming curry bento!

Japanese Curry Bento Bowl

For this bento I used two noodle bowls and filled them with delicious Japanese rice.
I then topped that with some of my home made Japanese curry!

Japanese curry is more of what I think of as a stew really, lots of meat and vegetables in a delicious gravy, in this case a spicy curry sauce.

In general it is quite a mild kind of curry so if you’re really big on heat you might be disappointed.
The taste however is not disappointing at all!

For mine I put in big chunks of chicken, carrots, whole mushrooms, peas and sweetcorn but you can put in things like potato too which makes it really delicious!

I don’t know about you but this is certainly a welcome sight after coming out of the cold and blustery weather outside!

Japanese Curry Bento Bowl CU

Yum yum.

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