Soy Glazed Extra Crispy Meatball & Bacon Salad Bento Lunch Box!

Hi there guys & gals!

Today’s lunch box is a meat & veg extravagansa!

Salads are just not complete without a little meat in the picture!
It can add bursts of delicious flavour and texture to what could be a very bland and dull meal indeed.

My favourite meat to sprinkle into a salad is crispy pieces of delicious bacon, the real Mccoy though not those weird “bacon bits” you can buy in supermarkets that have no bacon in them at all!

As well as bacon, I thought I’d step up the meat levels in this lunch box with some amazing meatballs!

Soy Glazed Extra Crispy Meatball Salad Bento Lunch Box CU

I rolled each ball in flour before frying to give an extra crispy outer shell, then when they were browned all over, added in some soy sauce to glaze and season them.

The soy sauce sticks to the meatballs making a super sticky flavourful coating like a spare rib sauce!

As for the salad, I cut up some strips of white crunchy cabbage, carrot and also added in some whole vine ripened tomatoes seasoned of course, with smoked bacon!

The richness of the meatballs really is balanced by the refreshing veg, especially by the odd incoming popping tomato!

Soy Glazed Extra Crispy Meatball Salad Bento Lunch Box

If you make this yourself, do try and heat the meatballs a little before serving as they get a little greasy when completely cold.

Tuck in!

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