Traditional Japanese Vegetable Bento Lunch Box Meal!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

This week I went with a very traditional style of bento, a Japanese bento!

I wanted to make something colourful, tasty, healthy and pretty all in one!

Of course, every Japanese bento worth it’s salt needs some beautiful Japanese rice in it so I went ahead and cooked some up!
I put it in to fill about half of the box and left it to cool!

Traditional Japanese Vegetable Bento Box

I then placed in some cooled and halved boiled eggs which I moulded into fish shapes with an egg mould.

Traditional Japanese Vegetable Bento Box S

Lastly I added the fruit and vegetables.
I put in some whole sugar snap peas for sweetness and crunch with small slices for decoration and salad, some juicy British vine ripened tomatoes, some radishes with a sprinkling extra for the salad and some crunchy refreshing celery cut into small rounds.

Add a sprinkling of salt to that and it is certainly worth spending a lunch break over….a long lunch break!

Traditional Japanese Vegetable Bento Box CU

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