Skylanders Swap Force Zak! Lunchtime Gopak Lunch Box Review!

Hey there!

Today I wanted to show you a cute little bargain I found!

Skylanders Swap Force Lunchtime Gopak Lunch Box

These boxes were well under a pound each and though I didn’t REALLY need one, I couldn’t say no, especially with them being in one of my favourite colours, neon green!

As for the design, it’s branded with a “Skylanders Swap Force” picture, a platform game by Activision in which, as far as I know anyway, you collect little figures to get more characters to play with in game.

The design is transferred on rather than just being a sticker which is a nice touch though it doesn’t feel like it will stay on for very long after a few washes.

Speaking of which, it’s dish washer safe.
Unfortunately it’s not microwave safe, though I can’t imagine many things you would pack in this guy that would need microwaving.

Skylanders Swap Force Lunchtime Gopak Lunch Box Zak

This is another box by the company Zak! who have made some of the Hello Kitty branded boxes I have reviewed in the past.
They make quite a lot of boxes with brand names and seem to put some effort into it rather than just placing a different branded sticker on the same lunch box.
The main problem with them is that a lot of their designs feature plastic clasps that are a little thin on the plastic and could break.

Skylanders Swap Force Lunchtime Gopak Lunch Box Clasp

This one is much the same as their other designs which is a shame because the rest of the box is very nice quality which I can see lasting for quite a while.

Skylanders Swap Force Lunchtime Gopak Lunch Box Open

Once unclipped, inside there are two tiers.
The first is meant to house sandwiches, while the other fits in other bite sized snacks.
Both are quite deep and you could fit two small width sandwiches on top of each other in the first compartment.

Skylanders Swap Force Lunchtime Gopak Lunch Box Open Compartment

For the second tier, the lid un-clips with three different sized compartments, each with a decent bit of storage capability.
The lid to keep everything in is a nice touch, it has ridges so food from one compartment can’t flood into another when it’s closed and the fact there is a small clip for this lid to go into rather than relying on the main clip to make sure it doesn’t open is a nice feature.

All in all, other than the usual flaw with Zak! boxes, the clasp being a bit thin to be able to stand the test of time, this is a great box.

I love the colour, I really like the design of the box and the depth makes it really useful rather than having tiny compartments nothing would fit in.

It’s a compact box too so for the young’uns it will save lugging around a big lunch box but will feed them just as much.

For the price it’s a lovely little thing but even for a few more pounds I would say it is worth picking up.
If the clasp on the side does end up breaking you may even be able to use an elastic bento belt to keep it closed!

4 out of 5 golden doubloons!
Sorry….I’m kinda getting into the pirate theme what with that really cool looking pirate octopus and all, I want one!
Skylanders Swap Force Lunchtime Gopak Lunch Box Tentacle Joe
I think I’ll call him……………..Tentacle Joe!

Yarharrrr, be seeing you later!

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