Quest For The Best: Portable Cutlery – Trespass Snorky Review!

We’re back with the battle of the cutlery!
In one corner the Scouting Sporknife who has preformed well in this event so far and in the other, weighing significantly less than it’s competitor……….the Snorky.


I have to say I appreciate companies with a sense of humour and for your product to be called a Snorky, there must be a lot going around the office!

Alas, it isn’t a cute new range of fluffy plush toys or a device to help you out while snorkelling.

It’s a knife fork and spoon! Get it? Snorky!

Snorky also seems to be a slang term which means sharp and fashionable.
These Snorky’s will become a fashionable craze so help me!!

Snorky By Tresspass IP

The goofy Snorky is by Trespass, a brand who specialises in outdoor equipment which includes just about everything from boots to jackets, bags, tents and everything in between, even shoelaces all of pretty good quality.

It seems to come in just one extremely attractive colour, neon green, which is a pity if you want to keep your Snorky a secret.

It’s BPA free which is great though the package seems to be crying over it so I guess they were attached.

Snorky By Tresspass B

“The convenient carabiner clip keeps you & Snorky connected”.
So Snorky is it’s first name?
I apologise for referring to….him? as “the Snorky” now.

He….is dishwasher safe too if you can bear to part with him long enough for that.
You might just want to hand wash him to keep him close.

Snorky By Tresspass Carb

I like how the clip for your trousers or keyring is also green giving Snorky a bit of that style and fashion sense he may have been named for, though the colour wears off on those clips really quickly.

Snorky By Tresspass OP

He’s made completely of plastic, apart from the clip which can be taken off easily, which is all pretty good quality, not the best but picnic cutlery quality at least.

Snorky By Tresspass KFS

Unlike the Scouting Sporknife, the Snorky has good sized prongs that can pick up food, the whole thing is very chunky so you could get quite a lot on it too!
The points aren’t very sharp on either the knife on the edge or the fork but they will work for most things.
The knife isn’t going to cut a steak or anything challenging but it will do for most standard tasks that a butter knife would do.
The spoon on the other side is a real manly one!
It would very happily work as a large dessert spoon, it’s huge.

Which takes me to Sporky overall.
Sporky is a behemoth amongst cutlery.
Sure it’s personality is big but that’s nothing.

Snorky By Tresspass C

That’s a small pepper grinder but still…’s the same size as a pepper grinder!! 6 inches!

The size means it’s great for those who have a big appetite and it’s a proper sized set so you don’t feel like you’re eating with fake tea party like cutlery.
It’s not too big for the average sized pair of jeans pockets but you may have to have it unhooked from your belt loop to pocket it as the clip is halfway down, leaving half of Snorky exposed when clipped.

All in all Snorky is a charming little thing which will work a lot nicer and be more compact than carrying around a set of picnic cutlery.
Picnic cutlery isn’t the most durable and fantastic cutlery when it comes to functionality and time to break and unfortunately this hasn’t really been improved from that standard apart from it’s extra chunky size so it may not last very long.

Still, with a rrp of just £2.99 and it being about £2 to £1.50 depending on where you shop, it’s not too much to invest.
I would have liked a case with this, and in fact with any cutlery set since I wouldn’t really want it hanging around on my keys getting all dirty and ikky………..I think Sporky’s case would need some googly eyes.

So all in all who wins?

If you’re on a budget Sporky is a really cute piece of kit which will work for every day uses but might not last long.
If you have a little bit more to spend the Scouting Sporknife has a locking set of metal cutlery but it falls down in the fork department, the prongs being way too small and stubby to skewer food.

All in all it depends on your budget though I’m sure the Scouting Sporknife will last a lot longer and might be the better value option even at £10 vs £3.

Still…’s not named Sporky.

Next Monday is my birthday so I’m going to treat myself to a little day off, see you then!

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