Repulsive Recipes: Do You Trust The Internet?

Hey there guys and girls!

I’m back!
After having the Monday off to celebrate my birthday with cake, presents and other delicious things I’m jusssssst about ready to get back into this blog business!

Now, the internet can be an amazing thing, with so much information freely available you can learn just about anything, including cooking of course.
The fact that just about anyone can access and use the internet can also be a bad thing with the spread of misinformation, lies or just very bad advice also allowed to freely roam around.

When it comes to recipes, I’m sure you have looked for them online, in fact I would hope you have followed some of mine from time to time, but with every man and his dog writing their own variations, unlike mine, alot go untested and you never quite know if the amounts are right and that your creation will be quite as tasty as it may be promised.

I look through plenty of recipes on my way to finding something I like the look of to test and tweak but sometimes, just sometimes, you know the recipe is going to be alllllllllllll wrong!

Looking through a mass amount of free e-books I found some rather questionable recipes that may be best far away from anyone who may attempt to replicate them!

Extreme Garlic Chicken Wings

Like garlic?
Can’t say I’m the biggest fan but after this recipe….you might not be either.

Repulsive Recipes Extreme Garlic Chicken Wings

40 cloves of garlic? Really?!
I’m sure it’s subtle after it’s cooked……………………..

California Garlic Soup Fondue

Another recipe for anyone who wants to protect themselves from vampires (and everyone else in the world) forever is this beautiful California Garlic Soup Fondue.
Hope you’ve stocked up on your garlic because, you’ve guessed it, it needs another 40 cloves.

Repulsive Recipes California Garlic Soup Fondue

I know garlic is a love/hate sort of item but I’m not sure anyone with taste buds could like that.

Chocolate Lasagne

This one might not taste as bad as the name suggests but being named Chocolate Lasagne, it would only be a small mercy.

Repulsive Recipes Chocolate Lasagne

I’m not quite sure who thought “Lasagne…it’s got cheese, lovely sauce…mmm soo tasty, but it’s kinda missing something….I know….CHOCOLATE!!”
I’m just hoping when they say “Pasta”….they really…really don’t mean pasta.

101st Airbourne Beer Cheese Soup

My last little find takes the cake….and eats it to itself because it’ll be damned if anyone in the history of ever has to try it.

They say everything is better with bacon but even though this recipe adds it to the top, I don’t think it can be saved.
It really sounds like the recipe was invented while drunk, then eaten after the hangover.
Don’t worry though, it has cayenne pepper.

Repulsive Recipes 101st Airbourne Beer Cheese Soup

When they call it “Airborne” soup I believe it……………….

So what’s the worst recipe you’ve ever seen?
Tried anything extremely questionable?
Was it surprisingly good or worse than you thought possible?

~Thumbnail picture all rights to zackspakowski~
~All recipes property of their respective owners~

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8 thoughts on “Repulsive Recipes: Do You Trust The Internet?

  1. Haha you make good points! When ever I look for a recipe online I always make sure it has good reviews! I love garlic for example… but not that much haha


  2. Maybe they’re tiny cloves like slivers almost but I doubt it. Forty garlic cloves for three pounds of anything is overboard! The cheese soup sounds awful just because it has got fake cheese in it. Wonder if these people tried out their creations later?


    • The garlic amount does sound pretty awful, it’s not often that “extreme”is an understatement!
      The cheeze wiz sounds like a bad idea for most things but when your worst ingredient isn’t the stale beer, you truly have problems!

      Liked by 2 people

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