Kotobukiya Alien Chest Burster & Facehugger Chopsticks Review!

Hey there everyone!

It’s Monday!
For most it’s a day of sorrow that work is upon them again but here at Pepper Bento it’s a day to celebrate all things Japanese and Bento!

Today I want to show you one of the gifts I got for my birthday from the awesome 1979 movie “Alien”!

Kotobukiya Alien Chopsticks Facehugger & Chestburster


Yes, Chest burster and Facehugger chopsticks!!

These were designed and made by Kotobukiya, a Japanese company which make a lot of fabulous figurines and other anime type products.

Usually they seem to deal with mostly cute and cuddly anime girls, so lets have a look and see just how cuddly these little critters are.

For those of you that haven’t seen the movie, these aliens are different stages of the same race of creature, the Facehugger jumping up on to your face and gripping it while impregnating you with ikky alien eggs and the Chest burster….which……I think you can fill the rest in for yourself…..lets just say they ruin dinner.

Kotobukiya Alien Facehugger Chopsticks

Each Facehugger chopstick is the same design wise and each is a Japanese style chopstick, rather than the more bulky Chinese style ended ones.

The detail is amazing, I love how it doesn’t just stop where the Facehugger ends but carries on all the way to the bottom as if the whole length of the chopstick is one big long tail.

You may also notice the shine which is another fantastic detail, they have been treated in such a way as to make them look really gooey and horrid….in a good way!

Kotobukiya Alien Facehugger Chopsticks CU

For such small pieces, the shading and moulding is beautiful and it really looks like the sculptors took a painstaking amount of time to get every last detail in even down to the Facehuggers having fingernails, something I never even noticed in the film!

Kotobukiya Alien Face Hugger Chopsticks B

It doesn’t just stop on the top though, they have even detailed the bottom with all the creepy organs and all that were in the film.
Maybe a little more shading would have been nice there to really bring out the depth of the sculpting but that’s just being massively picky, I wouldn’t have expected anything on the bottom myself let alone these details!

Kotobukiya Alien Chest Burster Chopsticks S

As for the Chest Bursters, they certainly didn’t drop the ball, doing some lovely detail going down the chopsticks on these too.

I love how they look almost translucent, it really adds to their alien, gooey ikky nature.

The sculpt is amazing for something it’s size too, the tiny little hands even T-rex’s would laugh at, the horrid little wrinkles and body, ewwwwwww.
They really have kept the scare factor on these, not making them cute at all while also not giving them any gore or blood either so they’re not wholly off putting for using.

Kotobukiya Alien Chest Burster Chopsticks B

The swollen little tummy in a slightly translucent colour different to the rest of the body is gorgeous too, they didn’t need to put it in but the details let you know they really cared while making these!

Kotobukiya Alien Chest Burster Chopsticks CU

They even coloured the minuscule teeth.
This picture is going to both haunt my dreams and be my wallpaper.

As for the chopstick side of these, they are delicate of course and can’t go in the dishwasher, they can stand heat of up to 79oc before they……start melting I presume.

They are full sized chopsticks so technically they can be used though as far as comfort goes, the Facehugger, as you might imagine, is a little hard to work with.
The size of the pieces, especially since they will be touching as you eat and the fact it has fingers of a kind which are a little sharp mean they are better as a display item and of course to use as tiny little puppets to scare people….not that I’ve done that of course…..!

I might be a bit of a girls blouse but these are actually incredibly creepy and maybe done a bit TOO well for eating with, they really do creep me out!

All in all you can use these as chopsticks if your heart desires but they’re not the most practical sets in the world.
They come in such lovely display boxes it really seems they were made more for display than anything, they really are art.
If you do want to use them, the Chest Buster chopsticks are the most practical for every day use but I would pick up a couple of pairs myself, one set for display and one for using!

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3 thoughts on “Kotobukiya Alien Chest Burster & Facehugger Chopsticks Review!

  1. *blearerhdfgh* So gross looking! I guess it shows off the detail!
    My mom loves that movie. I think it’d be pretty funny for a graboid set, personally. (From the movie Tremors, if you haven’t seen it)


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