Quest For The Best: Portable Cutlery – Yellowstone 3 Piece Foldable Camping Cutlery Review!

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You may notice a few changes to Pepper Bento’s layout made over the weekend, hopefully it’s still very familiar but I thought I would brighten the place up a bit!
What do you think?
I’ve also spruced things up a bit over at my tumblr page, so if you notice anything that isn’t visible, working or needs a little tweaking anywhere do let me know!

As for today, I have another contender in my quest for the best portable cutlery.

Yellowstone 3 piece foldable camping cutlery set packed

This set comes in a rather fetching metallic blue look and is made by Yellowstone or Proteam, either way there’s no trace of them on the net any more sadly, their website is down for the count!

Yellowstone 3 piece foldable camping cutlery set o

This set comes with a fork, spoon and knife as well as a bottle opener and a can opener, what else could you possibly need for eating while camping?

Each piece of cutlery is desperate so you can choose to carry just one or all of them depending on your needs but they don’t clip together or have any way to attach straight on to a keyring or belt which is a shame.

The fork has really long prongs so unlike one of our previous contenders, the Sporknife, this can really pierce into the food.
The spoon is a very generous size, about the size of a dessert spoon and the knife has both a serrated edge and non serrated edge to cut things with.
The knife on this one is the first contender to be a real knife rather than just being a serrated edge on the side of the cutlery so it gets extra marks for that!

Yellowstone 3 piece foldable camping cutlery set can & bottle opener

The can and bottle opener are a really nice touch which would be really useful on a camping trip.
They would be quite comfortable to use too though to hold the handle completely comfortably the fork or spoon would have to be unfolded which could get a little painful in the forks case.

Yellowstone 3 piece foldable camping cutlery set fold

Each piece folds down really easily into it’s own discreet package though I do wish some of the attachments would fold in a little further.
I’m guessing they designed them this way to be easily opened but when it comes to the knife and opener attachments, they stick out a little too far.

All in all they are a fantastic little set, nice quality, though I expect the metallic blue to fade fast.
No mention on whether they’re dishwasher safe or not but most things like this that are considered more tools than food equipment don’t mention it.

….but there is a little something that tips this set over the edge from all the other contestants for me.

Yellowstone 3 piece foldable camping cutlery set case

A carry case!

It explains why these don’t come with anything to attach them to your belt, the bag attaches there instead.
The bag is good quality and has a strong piece of velcro inside to make sure nothing falls out.
Each piece fits in without overlapping one another and of course with a case you can keep your eating utensils nice and clean which was a minor problem with the other portable cutlery I have tried.

Yellowstone 3 piece foldable camping cutlery set in case

It’s certainly my favourite so far and I paid just £2 for mine so I’m a happy bunny indeed.
The RRP is about a fiver which isn’t too bad a price for what you get.
If you’re in the market for a nice, useful cutlery set which will last you a while, comes with a case and won’t cost the Earth you might want to find yourself out a set of these!

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