Why Does It Always Rain On Me? Octopus Bento Lunch Box!


For this bento I thought I’d just go ahead and have a little fun making something creative for lunch.
I had a plan, somewhat, of what I wanted to do but when I saw all of my cute little cutters and accessories that all went out of the window.
It was for the better though because this is much cooler than my original thoughts!

Why Does It Always Rain On Me Octopus Bento Box

While I was making this bento I couldn’t get the song “Why does it always rain on me?” out of my head!
At least my cute little octopus doesn’t seem to be upset, though they are friendly little hearts and stars and not big old cold rain drops about to fall on him.

The seaweed, umbrella, hearts and stars are made from cucumber and tomato while my octopus, his hands and umbrella detail is made from cheese with his face from nori.

He is sitting on a piece of buttered baguette and there are some southern fried chicken wings and some tomato and cucumber salad to keep him company.

Why Does It Always Rain On Me Octopus Bento Box CU

I am ashamed to admit he was eaten by me though the combination of spicy chicken, cucumber, tomato and bread was yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!
Sorry octo!

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