Smash! Baby Food Movers Rubbish Free Food Tubs Review!

Ello, ello, ello.

What ‘ave we here then?

Today we’re jumping into the world of bento equipment with a slightly unusual candidate.

Baby food bentos!

I haven’t touched on the subject before but babies need lunches too.

Thankfully I don’t have any sproglings to test these out on but they’re just as good for adults too!

Baby Food Movers Rubbish Free Food Tubs Packed

These are made by Smash, the Nude Food Mover guys, and as the name “Baby food movers” suggests, these are made to store and carry around baby food, which they even provide a couple of recipes for!

Each pot has measurements marked off at 20, 40 and 60 ml marks which could be helpful for controlled portions of nuts, dressings, yoghurt, jellies or other desserts which you could make up, freeze in the handy tray it comes with then unfreeze, or eat as is, come lunch time.

Baby Food Movers Rubbish Free Food Tubs Freezer

All in all there are 6 slots for 6 pots which all come with this set. Say that 3 times fast.

I presume babies need 6 meals a day though I confess to know nothing about it myself, if so this is a pretty nifty idea to help make all the meals in the morning, putting them on the tray in the fridge then heating them when needed throughout the day.

Baby Food Movers Rubbish Free Food Tubs

The tray could be better quality, thought it isn’t bad, it is just put to shame by the quality of the pots themselves which can be dishwashed and are BPA free, as well as being great thick, quality plastic, lid and all.

The pots don’t fit into the tray snugly so they really just sit there, ready to fall out, despite the fact the tray has deep holes that look like they will keep the pots in place which is odd.

The pots themselves do have snug fitting lids which screw on nicely fortunately and the dips in the tops of each lid mean they can stack nicely at the side of a bag or in a side pocket.

Baby Food Movers Rubbish Free Food Tubs 2

All in all these pots aren’t too small or too big so are just the right size for just about all of your snack needs, be it crisps, desserts, dressings, sauces and the like.
They hold up to 85ml at the most so whether you’re a wailing baby or a wailing adult, these are pretty useful.

Baby Food Movers Rubbish Free Food Tubs 3

I think these will be getting quite a bit of use in the future!

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