Pepper’s Summer Lemon Ice Tea Push Pop Lollies Recipe!

Barbecue season is officially in full swing which means charcoaled frozen beef burgers, a hell of a lot of smoke and a shed load of booze to wash it all down with for most.

For those of us who care about food, hopefully it won’t get to the frozen burger and lager stage but after all of the heat from the grill and with any luck, the heat of the day, frozen treats are in order!

With the ideas of a mad scientist….I mean cook…I decided to try my hand at making some ice tea, with a twist.

Not just a twist of lemon though, I decided to make a super concentrated liquid perfect for freezing into ice lollies!

These are more of an adult treat than a childs as I’m sure a lot of kids don’t appreciate tea at all let alone ice tea but you can adjust the sugar level to taste if your little ones really do like it!

You could even crush up the finished ice lollies in a blender and make slushies!

Mmmmmm, ice tea slushies!

Have fun!

Pepper's Lemon Ice Tea Push Pop Lollies

Pepper’s Lemon Iced Tea Push Pop Lollies
Makes 4

Special Equipment Needed: 4 push pop moulds


300ml boiling water
4 English tea bags
3 teaspoons honey (to taste)
2 unwaxed lemons, juiced (to taste)


In a large cup, place the teabags in and pour over the boiling water.

Make sure the teabags are under the water and leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

Remove the teabags and cool the mixture for a few minutes until luke warm.

Transfer to a medium sized jug and add the lemon juice and honey, stirring until the honey has dissolved.

Taste and adjust according to your tastes, it will be very strong but will diminish to just enough flavour when frozen.

Pour the mixture into 4 push pop moulds, almost all the way up, then freeze in an upright position.
Once frozen they can be stored flat and enjoyed!

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