Smash Baby Food Movers Insulated Baby Bag & Nude Food Movers Cool Skin Review!

Bags bags bag!

I have them!

Bags in general are pretty boring so I’ve decided to show you guys two bento bags today so you don’t fall asleep at the part where I tell you the bags open, things go in, then they close. It’s all new unfathomable technology I know.

Today, just by coincidence, I have two bags by Smash, the Nude Food Movers guys.
Really, I’m not TRYING to advertise their stuff but they seem to come up all the time in my area!

Both bags are partners to some of their other products that I have reviewed in the past, in particular, last weeks Baby Food Movers pots and last years Rubbish Free Lunchbox (which won my pick for Bento Box of the year.)

Nude Food Movers Cool Skin & Baby Food Movers Insulated Bag

First up is the insulated baby bag!

I have to say I like the colours, especially the blue lines which break it up from all black.
It doesn’t scream baby bag like others that seem to be designed for what the baby would like with big cartoon animals etc on it.

Baby Food Movers Bag Strap

It has a good quality long strap with adjusters to get the right length.

The whole bag is made of a canvas like material which looks pretty hard wearing and practical.
It can’t be washed but can be wiped clean so don’t get the baby food too close!

Baby Food Movers Bag Drawstring

Under the flap is a drawstring bag top which leads into a padded, sturdy edged bag.
A strange design, but it works to make sure nothing comes out from the sides and that it stays insulated.

Baby Food Movers Bag Inside

Inside, the bag is lined with a silver insulating fabric, which should help keep milk or baby food warm should you need it.
I decided to try putting the Baby Food Movers pots in to see the compatibility.
The tray didn’t fit at all but you can fit in plenty of the pots stacked, as long as you pack around them to make sure they don’t fall over!

The last feature this funky bag has is a cool little zip side pocket, no good for valuables of course but for a babies bottle it’s easy to access and is also lined with more insulating fabric which is food safe.

Baby Food Movers Bag Side zip

This bag is actually quite big, square and chunky which means it will fit in a lot but also that it’s not going to be great for those lightweight journeys, though there may not be a time when you don’t need your baby kit taking a child on the go.

Nude Food Movers Cool Skin Bag

For bag number two we have the Smash Cool Skin in black.
It also comes in a purple with a different design and possibly some other styles I’ve forgotten!

Nude Food Movers Cool Skin Design

This one has a really cool graffiti style logo, it’s giving a boyish vibe so I wouldn’t say this one is completely unisex.

It’s made of an extremely stretchy fabric, so stretchy in fact that I wasn’t sure if this bag was to fit in the mini or the regular sized Rubbish Free Lunchbox.
It isn’t one size fits all though unfortunately and I can safely say this is for the regular sized box rather than the mini which isn’t the right shape for this at all.

Nude Food Movers Cool Skin Bag & Box

So why would anyone want one of these when it just seems like a cover?

Well, apart from not having people noseying at your lunch it does have a couple of other advantages.

For one, the weird scuba diving outfit like material will keep your food insulated, what wouldn’t when it’s THAT tight? Phew!Nude Food Movers Cool Skin Set

Secondly, it comes with a handle so you can carry it around as is.
If you usually just put your lunchbox in your bag you might not have a need for this but if you only carry lunch with you then it cuts out the annoyance of putting it in a bigger bag you don’t need for anything else.

That said, putting the Cool Skin on is a bit of a job in itself that I think would take some getting used to until you can perfect it.

The zip for this is cleverly hidden underneath the handle to keep it looking slimline and mysterious, well away from those naughty lunch-nappers too.

Nude Food Movers Coolskin Zip

A nice touch, though the zip tab on mine has all of the detail on the side you don’t see… it just put on the wrong way or is supposed to be that way? I’m afraid to say I have no idea.

So there you have it, two bags for your bento consideration, what do you think of them?
Anything that would come in handy for you?
Anything you like or don’t like?

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