Home Bargains Kidsware 3 Lunch Boxes Set Boy & Girl Sets Review!

Hallo guys and gals!

Today I want to show you my cool sets of lunch boxes I got from my local Home Bargains.

These are actually made by Home Bargains themselves and strangely, for a cheap shop, their quality is actually really good.

Home Bargains Brand Kidsware 2 Lunch Boxes Girl & Boy Editions

As you can see, they come in either super girly or uber boyish styles.

One is in a dark and light pink with purple colour scheme, while the other is in a yellow, green, light and dark blue scheme.
I’ll let you guess which one is for the girls!

I like the fact these are in their own mini nets.
Firstly it’s cheap, so keeps the costs down in the right places, and secondly, they remind me of those awesome bucket and spade kits that were brought for me as a child when we went off to the beach for the day.

Home Bargains Brand Kidsware 2 Lunch Boxes Girl Edition

Taking a closer look at the super girly kit, you get a pretty standard lunch box in pink and a nice dark purple, a smaller flower shaped box in dark and light pink and a small heart shaped box in opposite colours to the flower.

To be honest, looking at them like this. they don’t really seem to be part of the same set.
Not sure if it’s just me but the colours seem rather mismatched to me.

Still, for under £1 a set you won’t here any complaining from me, especially since they are made of a really nice, thick quality plastic.
Maybe even child proof for a while!

Home Bargains Brand Kidsware 2 Lunch Boxes Girl Edition Open

The lids are great, thick quality too.
Too often boxes are great quality but the lid will be ready to snap within the week therefore rendering the whole box useless.

They even have small grips so the lids can come off easily.

Home Bargains Brand Kidsware 2 Lunch Boxes Boy Edition

On to the boys set, we have the same box as the last set but this time in light and dark blue, with some really cool car boxes to go with it.

On my first few looks at these I thought there were two of the same car in this set but nope, it must just be my girly brain!

There are two different vehicles, a truck and a car though these are both in the same colours, yellow and green, rather than the girly version which changed it up a little.

The boys set looks a lot less mismatched and more like a set I think.

Home Bargains Brand Kidsware 2 Lunch Boxes Boy Edition Open

Inside there is a nice finish with none of those ikky sharp or badly cut pieces of plastic you sometimes find on cheaper plastic stuff and again it’s all made of thick and sturdy stuff!

Home Bargains Brand Kidsware 2 Lunch Boxes Girl & Boy Editions Washing

In fact, these can go in the dishwasher, fridge, freezer and the microwave no problem!

For these really cheap sets I have to say that’s pretty impressive, pretty much the sign of cheapness with plastic is the fact you can’t do any of that, unless it’s just really ornate and fragile.

Overall you cannee really go wrong with these, especially for under a pound each.
Even if you aren’t keen on the shaped boxes, the usual ones would be great for work, maybe even share them with the kids and give them the smaller fun ones!

Found any bento bargains yourself lately?

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