The Mysterious Red Bento Box Review!

Hey there guys and girls!

Today I have a little bit of a mystery item for you guys to spy.

Well, it’s not so much of a mystery item in the way that you wouldn’t know what it is, it’s a bento box of course….but the name and maker are completely unknown, to me at least.

My mother in law kindly picked this one up for me at a charity shop for about 50p to a pound, a small amount either way.

Don’t worry it has been washed of all cootie contaminants and was very clean when I got it, you never know, it may never have been used.

It’s a really cute little bento box but has no markings to speak of so if you know what this box is do let me know!

The Mysterious Red Bento Box Review

The box itself is two tiers, both held securely together by a big clip that is attached to the lid.

The Mysterious Red Bento Box Review Cutlery

There is a handy little compartment inside the lid that houses an adorable set of both spoon and fork, both completely made of plastic with a shape on the handle so they can slot over each other to stay safe.

The compartment is well made and solid thick plastic that clips closed well and won’t come open until you need it to.

The Mysterious Red Bento Box Review Lid

The cutlery compartment takes up quite a bit of the lid room so there will inevitably be more food on one side that the other.

It also looks to have a rubber seal to keep the contents air tight!

Under the lid there is a tier with no divider, ready for you to be as creative as you like with your bento and under that is the usual, slightly flimsier plastic tier divider lid and another tier.

The Mysterious Red Bento Box Review Inside

The second tier has three different sized divides so you can section off your dessert from your dinner or separate wetter foods from dry ones.

The dividers can’t move which is a shame but they are set out in a practical way so are still useful.

The set is really nice quality all in all.
As I say, there are no marks on this at all, not even for washing instructions but I risked putting it in the dishwasher and it came out perfectly fine so I shall mark it off as dishwasher safe!

I’m not sure who this is made by but it doesn’t feel cheap and has some really nice features.
It’s a no fuss kind of box that I could see a lot of people using on a day to day basis.

It’s not too big or too small and will hold a reasonable amount for a nice lunch in a more filling Japanese style lunch or in a British style.

I love it and if someone could help me fill in the particulars, you could track one down for your very own!

Oh! Before you go!
Over at my facebook page I am giving away a little mystery kitchen prize, though not this box sadly, to one lucky winner as soon as we reach the 100 like mark! Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing.

Adiós for now!

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