The Real Pork Crackling Company: Smoky Bacon Scratchings?

Hey there folks.

I’m not sure about you but I like the occasional packet of pork scratchings, or pork rind depending on where you are and what you call it.

Traditionally the skin of a pig and a layer of the fat underneath it will be cut into strips then deep fried until crispy, then seasoned with a hell of a lot of salt and a few inoffensive spices then cooled and bagged.

Some pork scratchings however, haven’t quite got that inoffensive spice thing down.

Strangely, they look just like any other pork scratchings, not advertising any fancy flavour and looking quite nice indeed.

The Real Pork Crackling Company Smokey Bacon Scratchings

The ingredients send a few alarm bells ringing, apart from all of the E numbers I’m not sure smoke flavour is usually included with your average, every day scratchings.

The Real Pork Crackling Company Smokey Bacon Scratchings Ingredients

They look really nice with a good amount of crunchy skin and meltingly soft fat.
So what do they taste like?

The Real Pork Crackling Company Smokey Bacon Scratchings CU

They taste…… smoky bacon crisps.

That might not sound like the worst taste in the world for these but just think about it, the flavours together are just so wrong, so very very wrong.

It’s really puzzling for me because these are essentially the middle of the road, original flavouring.
I would hate to know what their other non classic flavours are or to be more precise, taste like.

If you like pork scratchings but thought they didn’t have enough of that fake bacon funk, you’re in for a treat with these.
If you pick ’em up thinking you fancy a classic pack of the old scratchings, steer clear of these.

It’s a shame what seems like a nice quality product could be ruined by a vile flavour being put over the top, need I say doner kebab crisps or Marmite chocolate anyone?

Lets just hope candy floss pork scratchings never rear their ugly ugly head.

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