Quest For The Best: Portable Cutlery – 4 in 1 Summit Travel & Camping Cutlery Review!

Hi there!

Today we have another chapter in my quest for the best in portable cutlery.

We’ve had some greats and some stinkers, all in different price ranges and today we have a little Summit Summit with the Summit 4 in 1 Travel Cutlery set.
Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

4in1 Travel Cutlery Set

This is quite a queer looking thing I have to say which was all the more reason for me to pick it up.

This came in at about £2 so it’s at the low end of products price wise, hopefully it will exceed its price in usefulness though!

So, let me explain why it looks so weird.

4in1 Travel Cutlery Set Info

This is inherently a camping tool so the knife has been nicely designed into a tiny little spatula, or pan scraper as they put it, as well.

That gadget then has a spork slot into it to keep them best of buds and safe in one place.

4in1 Travel Cutlery Set Open

You can see the very simple design, which has a large hole and a small hole for the spork to fit into on its own handle.
The design works quite well and because of the nesting factor the spork handle is curved for a more ergonomic grip.

4in1 Travel Cutlery Set B

For everyday bento eating it is a shame about the pan scrapper aspect which I imagine would result in some very funny looks and be rather difficult to use in the small space which is a bento box.

Sadly I think it would also melt quite quickly if used while cooking because this is suitable for hand washing only.

4in1 Travel Cutlery Set Pieces

Maybe that is why it is called a pan scraper rather than a spatula, because it wouldn’t stand up to being cooked with.

As for their usefulness as cutlery, the edges are quite sharp and I like the fact that the fork has two longer prongs as well as the shorter ones for added ease.

Though I mentioned the pan scraper may melt if used for cooking, the plastic quality on these is thick and sturdy, I don’t think they are likely to snap or bent with usual every day use as cutlery which is nice.

4in1 Travel Cutlery Set Edges

All in all, for £2 it’s a really nice little kit and I can’t really complain.
It might suit camping and picnicing a little more than bento but if you put this in a little case it would be a handy thing to have, even if you only use the spork.

What do you think?
What’s your favourite set of cutlery so far?

Yellowstone 3 piece foldable camping cutlery set oSnorky By Tresspass OPScouting Sporknife Open

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