Summer Quiche Salad Bento Lunch Box!

Hi there!

Today I want to show you my newest bento creation!

Summer Quiche Salad Bento Lunch Box F

I call it “Summer Quiche salad” for want of a better name.

I packed it inside my brand new Polar Gear bento box which was just the right fit for this little meal.

From left to right we have a beautiful mature cheddar and bacon mini quiche with a little parsley on top, sooo nice!

Summer Quiche Salad Bento Lunch Box CU

Next to that some super sweet sweetcorn cob, cooked simply by boiling it, then frying it for colour and flavour in a little butter and cutting it into miniature pieces. I think corn is really underrated, it is just delicious when browned and adds a bit of sweetness that clears your palate and brighten things up!

As for the greens, I selected some pea shoots, baby kale and baby spinach to be my bed for the jewel like beauty of this beetroot salad.

Summer Quiche Salad Bento Lunch Box

The pea shoots really do taste like peas but to break up the dullness of the leaf and add some colour, sharp and earthy pickled beetroot with grated onion and carrot were added.

Lastly I added a little dessert in the form of some plain natural yoghurt with a sweet and tart orange marmalade centre.

Summer Quiche Salad Bento Lunch Box Marmalade Yoghurt

I have to say, this was heavenly to eat.
The quiche was so very cheesy and rich with the slightly salty bacon complimenting it all with it’s meltingly soft, fall apart crust.
The beetroot salad and leaf broke up the richness and gave acidity, balance and freshness and the sweetcorn added crunchy pops of sweetness and all before dessert!

Ahhhhhh, to eat like this every day!

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