Pacman Ghost Attack Pasta Salad Bento Lunch Box!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to see some really cool cookie cutters and even had the money to buy them!

They were in the shape of Pacman and the evil ghosts who are blood thirsty devils out to steal Pacman’s soul and feed it to the 12 evil giraffemen….erm…..I’m sure that was the story?

Suffice to say I have spent many an hour trying to kill those little buggers and lead my poor little Pacman to safety, which like most games back in the day, makes you want to scream in frustration most of the time!
Still, I love the simplicity of the idea which becomes so addictive and the noises in game (I think calling it a soundtrack would be a little too generous) are really iconic!

What didn’t click in my head for a few minutes about the cookie cutters was that the ghost cutters are all the same and it’s kind of pointless to have more than one.
They look nice in the package but it is a shame.
Maybe some of the Pacman fruits you needed to collect would have been better so as to have different shapes but at least it serves as a reminder of what colours to decorate your cookies and you can hand them out to your bakery slaves as you all create thousands of Ghost cookies like you know you should!

I didn’t use my cutters to make cookies though, I made a bento instead!

Pacman Ghost Attack Pasta Salad Bento Lunch Box

First I made up a pasta salad in a creamy sauce with plenty of healthy, colourful, peas and sweetcorn.

While that was cooling down I cut a thick slice of some delicious cheddar cheese and punched out my tasty Pacman!

For the red ghost Blinky I used tomato ketchup on a slice of bread and cut that out too!

Pacman Ghost Attack Pasta Salad Bento Lunch Box CU

Lastly I put it all together in my Polar Gear Bento Box, reserving a few pieces of corn to make the little “pac-dots” which all need to be eaten by Pacman before he can escape the maze!

I was going for more simplistic silhouettes with this bento box but maybe I will do some ghosts with eyes next time!

Sorry Pac man, I know you usually do the eating but you were delicious yourself!

Pacman Ghost Attack Pasta Salad Bento Lunch Box S

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